New vertical molding, filling and sealing integrated equipment

The BOSCH TERRA25 is Bosch's new vertical forming, filling and sealing integrated machine. This machine combines perfect accessibility, reliability and durability, and innovatively applied the lead traction system and double film delivery system.

The output of the TERRA25 is 1 to 80 bags/minute. It can be used to produce bags with bag lengths ranging from 75 to 400 mm and bag widths ranging from 60 to 250 mm. TERRA25 can produce flat-bottomed bags with a width ranging from 50 to 220mm, a depth range from 30 to 90mm, and a maximum width and depth of 250mm.

TERRA25 can be applied to the heat sealable packaging materials, including cooking bag packaging film and sealable single film production. Its main features are:

● The unique design of the horizontal sealing jaws enables TERRA25 to economically and cost-effectively complete the production of a range of different bag materials.
● TERRA 25 uses a wide-open, open dual channel, allowing quicker and simpler specification conversion for individual parts.
● TERRA 25 has pillow bags, triangular sealed pillow bags, flat bottom vertical bags to choose from, at the same time a wide range of equipment specifications, suitable for matching with the packaging line, convenient for customers to carry out flexible production.
● TERRA 25 can be wired to match a variety of quantitative filling devices, such as weighers, screw metering filling devices, measuring cup filling devices, meters and other devices.
● TERRA 25's heat sealing performance is more reliable and reliable: it can maintain a high heat seal pressure throughout the sealing process, up to 4000N, and at the same time optimize the heat sealing application time.
● TERRA 25 has a unique dual-film delivery system with a smaller belt weight.
● TERRA 25 requires lower maintenance and repair costs and fewer equipment parts to effectively reduce operating costs.
● TERRA25 is available in a variety of colors. The surface of the metallic silver device is mercerized and coated with two layers of poly-urethane protection grade material.

Source: "Packaging Materials and Containers"