Special inks

Many special effects inks require thicker inks for good performance, such as foam inks, wrinkle inks, and the like. Due to the thick screen printing ink layer, UV screen printing has many types of special inks, all of which contain no volatile solvents, no odor, no stimulation, good leveling, no b

Christmas tree handmade

Making a Christmas tree Decorative christmas tree Love Christmas tree Artificial grass is more and more popular in residential and sports field. Silverstone artificial grass can be customized to be appropriate for landscaping, airports, swimming pool surrounds as

How to operate the vacuum laminator correctly?

How to operate the vacuum laminator correctly: 1. Check whether the pressing device and each rotating part are in good condition before work. 2. Clean the table with dust and debris. 3. Prepare the necessary product pads (6-8 mm smaller than the workpiece) and other necessary materials. 4. Che