Thousands of screen printing printing skeleton

Screen printing technology is the use of photosensitive materials, through the method of photoengraving, the ink is transferred to the substrate through the screen part of the screen, the screen printing equipment is simple, easy to operate, printing, plate making simple and low cost, adaptability

Analysis of the ingredients in skin care products

In the face of a variety of ingredients on whitening products, do you know how to choose the right whitening products by looking at these ingredients? Let's learn together with Xiaobian! Whitening is the highlight of most oriental women's skin care skin and is also a theme of skin care pro

Broke the news! Another home beauty product - salt

Health and beauty rely on it: salt. Don't underestimate it. The salt in the kitchen is the most stable salt in the pH. If the concentration of the salt is high enough, there is a bactericidal effect. When making skin care products, add salt to the protein to apply to the face. It also has anti-

Sleep quality, beauty, beauty, beauty

Sleep quality is also affected by mental state when you fall asleep. If you want to worry about things before going to sleep, it will reduce the quality of sleep. Research by American researchers found that couples are awkward during the day, and the quality of sleep at night is often poor. On the

Test method for selecting cosmetics

We choose cosmetics to be picky, not because of the harshness of cosmetics, but because we are responsible for our own skin. Therefore, when choosing cosmetics or dealing with counter BA, we must have our own set of guidelines. Let's take a look at the test method of choosing cosmetics. Is you