Special inks

Many special effects inks require thicker inks for good performance, such as foam inks, wrinkle inks, and the like. Due to the thick screen printing ink layer, UV screen printing has many types of special inks, all of which contain no volatile solvents, no odor, no stimulation, good leveling, no blocking, fast curing speed, tough film, and water resistance. Strong, solvent-resistant scrubbing, good adhesion fastness, and colorful features, the following is only a brief introduction.

1.UV ice printing ink

UV ice ink is a colorless, transparent or colored oily fluid. Under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays, the ink layer gradually shrinks to form ice crack patterns of different sizes and has a strong flash effect and three-dimensional effect. The size and shape of the ice flower have a certain relationship with the thickness of the ink layer. The solidified ice has a strong three-dimensional effect, a good flash effect, and a variety of colors. In addition to the printable gold and silver cardboard and the packaging box, it can also print metal. , plastic film, glass and other substrates.

2.UV foam ink

UV foaming ink is used for printing PET gold paperboard and high-grade packaging boxes. It can also be printed on PET film, PVC, ABS and mirror metal substrates, such as copper, aluminum, stainless steel, etc., to produce high-grade signs or panels. The reflection of the substrate and the unique pattern of the ink make the surface of the printed material even more gorgeous.

3.UV crystal ink

UV crystal ink is colorless, odorless, crystal clear, non-volatile, not yellowing after curing, printed lines do not spread, transparent like crystal, can be used for a variety of crystal signs, decorative glass, packaging and braille printing, according to the printing Choose the type of ink ink.

4.UV expansion ink

After the UV expansion ink is rapidly cured by ultraviolet rays, the volume of the coating film can be expanded by 5 to 10 times. Gold and silver powder can also be added to increase the ink type. UV-expanded ink prints are brightly colored with a strong sense of relief. Due to its low expansion temperature, it is particularly suitable for materials with poor heat resistance and is an ideal product to replace conventional foaming pastes.

5.UV metal ink

UV metal ink is suitable for printing various metals, such as copper, aluminum, stainless steel and other substrates, free of volatile organic solvents. According to the different surface gloss, can be divided into two kinds of high-gloss and matt, suitable for printing high-end labels and meters.

6.UV screen printing glass, ceramics, plastic ink

Glass, ceramics and plastics are all non-absorbent substrates. Therefore, the inks used are basically the same. This type of ink has no volatile components, no odor, no irritation, and the cured film has good water resistance, scrub resistance, and vivid colors. Good wear resistance. Suitable for all kinds of glass products, ceramic products, various plastic substrates and certain metal substrates.

When printing, light-curing inks generally do not need to be diluted. If the viscosity is too high, an appropriate amount of photoactive diluent may be added. A reflective plate is provided under the glass to greatly accelerate the curing speed.

7.UV transparent ink

UV screen printing transparent ink is transparent, suitable for printing a variety of transparent substrates, its transparency is not affected. Such as printing transparent PET, PVC, ABS and flame treated PP, PE, etc., to produce high-grade plastic signs, billboards, packaging boxes, etc., strong water resistance, solvent scrubbing.

8.UV disc ink

UV screen printing ink is specially designed for printing hard substrates such as CD, DVD, PC, etc. It has high speed of light and solidity, good adhesion, low shrinkage, smooth ink layer, high hardness, good abrasion resistance, and high resolution. , Colorful, good adhesion between layers, printing performance and stability. Generally divided into light, matt, sand surface 3 kinds.

9.UV glass/metal matte ink

UV Glass/Metal Scrub Ink is a screen-printed photocurable matte ink with a thixotropic appearance. The requirements for the screen are very wide, 150 to 420 mesh screens can be printed, and the grain size is controlled by the mesh. Curing speed, not yellowing. Printable glass, plexiglass, various metals and titanium plates, etc., producing frosted glass or frosted metal signs. The cured film has good water resistance, high hardness and good abrasion resistance. If a special colorant is added, high-grade colored frosted glass or metal plate can be made.

10.UV Refractive ink

UV Refractive ink is mainly used for refractive printing, producing high-grade packaging boxes, decorative paintings and so on. Printed substrates require smoothness, cleanliness, and high light reflectance, such as mirrored gold and silver cardboard, aluminized films, and mirror stainless steel. The number of screen meshes above 400 mesh ensures the fineness of the printed pattern.

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