Analysis of the Development Process of Wenzhou Furniture Industry

In May 1994, the "1994 National Furniture Exhibition Ordering Conference" jointly sponsored by the China Furniture Association and the Wuxi Municipal People's Government was held in Wuxi Building Materials Furniture Wholesale Market in Jiangsu Province. Wenzhou Furniture Industry Association organized 13 enterprises to participate in the exhibition, and started the regional brand of “Wenzhou Furniture”. It can be said that the exhibition is truly "cheap and good", and "Wenzhou Furniture" is also famous for it. At that time, only Guangzhou furniture was the same. Industry analysts believe that before 2005, the original level of "Wenzhou Furniture" was already leading in the country. In the "2005 China Furniture Trade Capital" Cup Original Furniture Design Competition, the breeze chair designed by Zhu Xiaojie, chairman and chief designer of Wenzhou Aopu Furniture Co., Ltd., received the highest gold award and 20,000 yuan. As a result, Wenzhou furniture designers represented by Zhu Xiaojie have become the backbone of Chinese furniture originals. They not only won awards at various domestic exhibitions, but also received recognition and attention from the international furniture industry. In 2009, Zhu Xiaojie successfully exhibited the "Wenzhou Design" at the Cologne exhibition in Germany, which shocked the audience.

In the same year, Huaqi Furniture won the highest award for global industrial design - "Red Dot Award". At this point, "Wenzhou Design" has also begun to show its dew in the world. Missing development opportunities to make Wenzhou enterprises fall behind Even with so many honors, it is difficult to hide the difficulties of Wenzhou furniture enterprise CEOs at the crossroads in recent years.

Although relying on the construction of two furniture parks in Pingyang and Weinan, it has basically solved the troubles of Wenzhou furniture enterprises, but from the market of Shunde, Dongguan and other strong furniture industry distribution centers and the province's Yuhuan, Hangzhou, Ningbo, etc. The plump of the furniture industry has made the Wenzhou furniture industry feel more and more developed. Coupled with other major environmental factors, in recent years, the number of Wenzhou furniture companies participating in the exhibition is also decreasing year by year. In addition to a small number of enterprises and products, the recognition of Wenzhou furniture brands in the market is in an embarrassing situation. Looking back at the construction of two furniture parks, although this can effectively solve the problem of many land use enterprises in Wenzhou, it has spent a lot of energy and financial resources for a long time in coordinating land construction and capital problems.

So in the past 3-5 years, when China's real estate industry and furniture industry were in the golden period of development, the main energy of Wenzhou furniture enterprises did not fully engage in market expansion and brand promotion, and finally missed this development opportunity. On the contrary, the furniture industry in other regions has grasped this development opportunity well and has gradually gained fame.

Sales model is still simple supply

The development of Wenzhou furniture has a history of more than 20 years. Starting from a small workshop, it is not easy to develop into a certain regional well-known industry without the industrial chain and the immaturity of the market. However, after entering the adjustment period of industry development, Wenzhou furniture industry has neglected the continuous creation of the brand. Most of the market sales are still developed with a simple supply model. This is the need for Wenzhou furniture industry to adjust. We can find that the decline of regional brand influence, the lack of product brands, the shortage of talents, and the weakening of the industrial chain have become the embarrassment of Wenzhou furniture industry in the past few years.

Undoubtedly, the regional brand of "Wenzhou Furniture" has yet to be greatly improved. Such as shoes and clothing, in a large number of brands, if you say that you are Wenzhou, then consumers will look at you differently. This is because the reputation of shoes and clothing in Wenzhou is well known and has always been recognized by the market.

In fact, since the establishment of the new council, the Wenzhou Furniture Chamber of Commerce has been actively considering and promoting the public support platform for the coordination and guidance of the government, joint industry organizations and enterprises, and jointly building the furniture industry to make efforts for the development of Wenzhou industry. However, because of the furniture brands of Zhejiang and Shanghai, the brand of Wenzhou Furniture has not yet formed a certain regional advantage and lacks influence. Therefore, the very serious problem facing Wenzhou furniture enterprises is the continuous weakening of industry advantages and regional advantages.

Lack of talent leads to insufficient stamina

In the industry, lack of talent can be said to be a common topic. But for Wenzhou furniture industry, this issue has been eagerly concerned about what should be said in recent years. This is not to say that the Wenzhou furniture industry did not need people before, but that there was no research, development, design and management of talents in the past few years. The company can still run and make money. However, with the overall price increase of raw materials; the shortage of resources such as “electricity shortage” and “labor shortage”; the adjustment of export tax rebate rate; the competition for product homogenization is more intense; when the innovation capability and management ability of enterprises are increasingly stretched, the feeling of enterprises There are pressures and crises that have never been seen before. Therefore, Wenzhou entrepreneurs are strongly aware of the importance of talents, especially the needs of talents such as R&D, design, management, and mechanics.

In addition, the development experience of Chuanpai furniture is also worth learning from Wenzhou furniture companies. Why did Chuanpai furniture develop so fast in just 10 years? This is inseparable from the positioning and efforts of the company. Such as all-you-friends, good scenery, palms, etc. through the accurate positioning and brand promotion in the market earned a lot of overflow. In this regard, Wang Dongsheng, the new president of Wenzhou, also has unique insights. Its positioning on building a Chinese luxury home production base undoubtedly pointed out the direction for the future development of the Wenzhou furniture industry. Of course, there is still a long way to go to achieve this goal.

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