What do you have to say about setting up a fence for the Siguniang Mountain Two Peaks?

In the past, Siguniangshan Dafeng was fenced at an altitude of 4,760 meters. Now that there are fences at an altitude of 5,000 meters at the 2 peaks, ALICEs have different opinions about the move. There are two viewpoints, the first point of view. It is considered that such protection measures are necessary to reduce the risk of mountaineering; the second view is that the reason why ALICE came to mountain climbing is because of its original nature and no human participation. If human management is conducted, it may develop in the future. Become a scenic spot, climbing significance has declined!

The following are the views and opinions expressed on this forum, part of the ALICE:

ID: Travel

This way! It is also just around the corner to become a tourist project.

ID: masonrab

Good things can make more people close to the snow. The ticket we handed in finally took a bubble


Increased security, reduced exploration adventure, Oh!

What kind of ideas and opinions do you have about this incident? Is there a unique opinion? Hope to hear your voice! I have something to say

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