How to operate the vacuum laminator correctly?

How to operate the vacuum laminator correctly:

1. Check whether the pressing device and each rotating part are in good condition before work.

2. Clean the table with dust and debris.

3. Prepare the necessary product pads (6-8 mm smaller than the workpiece) and other necessary materials.

4. Check and adjust the temperature and schedule settings according to the film thickness.

5. When processing multiple pieces, set the appropriate distance (usually 3-4 times the thickness of the plate) according to the thickness of the plate.

6. Before starting the heating cover, check whether the presser is locked. Whether there are objects and people's hands on the guide rails are left or not.

7. During the operation of the machine, it is forbidden to stand around the machine, and it is even more forbidden to put the hand on the guide rails and the equipment to prevent the machine from automatically returning the heating cover and hurting people.

8. It is forbidden to place products and other objects on the heating cover.

9. When the machine is found to be working abnormally, immediately turn off the power and inform the supervisor.

10. Do not arbitrarily remove protective articles such as safety covers.

11. During the work, the operator must not leave the machine.

12. Turn off the power at the end of work.

The above is the operation of the vacuum laminating machine. Everyone must follow correct methods and procedures, otherwise there will be danger.

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