Unique packaging process to ensure the filling of milk powder

Anti-pollution and security are the most basic requirements for dairy packaging. Dairy products are rich in nutrients and are an ideal medium for microorganisms, so they are highly susceptible to microbial infestation and deterioration. The appropriate processing method, combined with effective packaging, can prevent the infestation of microorganisms, and at the same time eliminate the contamination of toxic and harmful substances and ensure the health and safety of products. In the case of powdered milk products such as powdered milk, there is a greater need for suitable hygienic processing procedures and cost-effective packaging.

Through reasonable packaging, the nutritional ingredients and tissue state of milk powder can be kept relatively stable. Fat is a unique source of flavor for dairy products and can easily become off-flavored due to oxidation reactions. There are many factors that lead to oxidation, such as heat, light, metal ions, etc. Reasonable packaging can effectively delay and eliminate this reaction. In addition, vitamins and biologically active ingredients are easily inactivated by light, heat, and oxygen, and they protect the nutritional value of milk powder by protecting it from light. In addition, the sealed package prevents moisture absorption of milk powder or evaporation of moisture from the contents, and also blocks the contamination of foreign materials.

Avapac - Unique "bottom-up" Filling Method

The main advantages of the patented technology of the Avapac packaging system - "bottom-up" filling in the milk powder processing and packaging process are:

1. The milk powder is exposed to the air for less time;

2. Excellent filling accuracy;

3. Clean production.

Milk powder packaging is divided into nitrogen filling packaging, non-nitrogen packaging and vacuum packaging three. The nitrogen-filled packaging is best suited for filling. If vacuum packaging is used, the first requirement is that the empty cans have higher sturdiness, and second, the milk powder may be dispersed under the vacuum state. Therefore, the filled milk powder is generally packed with nitrogen, and the purity of nitrogen is required to be above 99%. The Avapac packaging system uses nitrogen-filled filling. The equipment is designed according to 3A standards and can be easily disassembled and cleaned. The entire production line is suitable for bagging, cartoning and drumming of various products. Avapac's engineers are dedicated to designing innovative component technologies that meet customer requirements, striving to simplify equipment while increasing the durability and throughput of the equipment.

Stratapac - unique clean and dustless double seal

Due to the low moisture content of milk powder, it is easy to absorb moisture and cause microorganisms to multiply. At the same time, under the condition of low moisture content, fat is also easily oxidized. Therefore, it is required that the sealing material of the packaging material is good, and oxygen is preferably isolated. Stratapac's multi-layer bag uses two layers of polyethylene sandwiched between aluminum foils or a layer of paper followed by a layer of aluminum foil, and some are packed in cardboard boxes. This kind of package is basically protected from light, blocking the infiltration of moisture and gases.

The lined interface is connected to the multi-layer bag so that it can be quickly and easily presented to the filling head. After the filling is completed, the bag transferred to the sealing station seals the inner liner before sealing the multi-layer bag, thereby obtaining a completely clean sealed package. After the outer multi-layer bag is opened, the sealed liner can be sent to another sterile environment for processing.

More and more dairy companies have put forward higher quality requirements for automated filling and packaging lines. Stratapac has a fully-plastic transport bag with a bottom lined with wood and is specifically designed for use in powdered and granulated products requiring high levels of protection and aseptic handling, especially for packaging powdered milk. This single-layer composite outer bag manufactured using the latest metallocene composite film technology features not only durability, waterproofness, but also high-quality printing requirements.

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