Computer digital plate making will gradually replace direct printing

There are many manufacturers that provide wax-jet and inkjet-engraving plate-making equipment. In addition to CST and Stoke, there are manufacturers in China that can provide this equipment. This system is cheaper and faster, up to 7 min/m2, faster than laser engraving, but requires post-processing.

At present, Pingban platemaking mainly includes two kinds of direct printing and computer digital plate making. In order to meet the needs of high-precision flat-pan plate making, German Proditec Co., Ltd. has newly introduced plate-making equipment using new concentrating systems and aspherical lenses. German CST company newly developed a "direct light engraving" plate making system. The coated flat net was irradiated with ultraviolet rays to perform pattern scanning one line at a time. The resolution was 2000 dpi and the engraving speed was 3 min/m2. Fotec, Switzerland, has developed a new type of photographic emulsion that can be used to form a 100 to 2000 micron thick film on 8 to 54 lines/cm polyester screens using conventional coating methods. Fotecoat 1835 Solo Thick Screen Screen is suitable for plastisol, powder, The special printing of water-based pastes made of flash materials and adhesives. This emulsion is a pre-activated screen emulsion with a wet-wet coating that does not require intermediate drying and synergistic masking.

The inspection of printed fabric finished products has always used manual visual inspection, which has considerable arbitrariness and does not allow online quality inspection. At present, many manufacturers have introduced automatic detection systems for printed fabrics. Israel Video Technology has a leading position in the development of automatic fabric inspection and monitoring systems. The company's new PRIN-TEX2000 fabric printing quality monitoring system has a good sales performance in the North American market. The system is equipped with a new color CCD digital camera that can detect and mark printing defects during rotary screen printing. The machine detects all the printed fabrics, obtains the fabric images and sends them to the computer for instant processing through an image interpretation algorithm. It can detect quality problems such as inaccurate printing, intarsia, missing prints, lack of color paste, stains, broken or blocked screens, film defects, partial printing, and insufficient printing. The system can immediately provide information on printing defects so as to remind operators to take timely remedial measures to improve the quality of printing while reducing the waste of raw materials and labor. The company will also provide a variety of flexible automated inspection solutions that can be set up to meet the needs of different customers. The company's automated optical inspection and quality monitoring systems have two series of ITEX and PRINTEX that allow quality monitoring during production.

Screen printing is currently the mainstream technology used in fabric printing. This situation will not fundamentally change for a long time to come. Screen printing is a mature technology. There will not be major changes in its main process, but it still has room for improvement. These improvements mainly involve: improving the printing accuracy, shortening the plate-making schedule, reducing plate-making costs, adapting to multi-variety and small-batch printing, improving the vividness of colors, and enriching the effect of pattern changes. . In short, screen printing is still a kind of technology with strong vitality and good development prospects.

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