Instructions for use of human serum albumin (HSA) ELISA kit

Instructions for use of human serum albumin (HSA) ELISA kit This kit is only for in vitro research! Intended application ELISA method is used to quantitatively determine the content of HSA in human serum, plasma or other related biological fluids. Experimental principle This kit uses competit

How to improve the standard of ink color matching

The colors adjusted by the ink factory often have errors with the standard colors when they are used in the printing factory. This is a problem that is difficult to avoid completely. It can only be to minimize the color difference. What causes this problem and how to control , How to improve the a

ZG-270D polycrystalline silicon ingot furnace

Polycrystalline silicon melting directional solidification furnace (DSS) Model: ZT-270D 1. Product use This product can be heated and smelted under vacuum or protective atmosphere, using graphite resistance heating, crucible furnace bottom entry and exit, reducing the operating height, suitable f

PCB industry-UV light curing application

PCB industry-UV light curing application U.S. UVITRON's high-efficiency UV light source, UV point light source and conveyor belt UV curing machine adopt the patented POWER-PLUS power supply technology, which is the most effective to reduce the temperature rise and electromagnetic radiation (

General Education Large Campus Network Solution

The construction goal of the primary and secondary school network system is to build an advanced, efficient and unified linkage network. When it is completed, it will firstly realize the standardization, programmatic and automated management of the office business of primary and secondary schools. I

Laboratory curing equipment for UV coating research

Laboratory UV curing equipment for UV coatings Many engineers who study UV coatings need to understand the characteristics of coatings and the actual curing effect and process conditions through experiments. They hope to obtain a set of light curing equipment to do various light curing tests. The