Sony projector SONY VPL-PX41

Information topic: Sony projector SONY VPL-PX41 Price description: RMB 24000 No. 500 platinum colorimetric stock solution Standard material of potassium dichromate solution Shanghai Sports Boxing Training Products Artificial intelligence and robots RM-EC806 soil quality control sample--standar

Discussion and Solution of Ink Gelation and Swell in Printing

In the process of packaging printing, there are sometimes streaks or different shades of color on the printed matter. This failure of inking and ink off rollers is caused by the gelation of the ink due to the swelling of the pigments and fillers in the ink. The gelation of the ink is due to its hi

Application of water-based ink for plastic film gravure

At present, domestic plastic gravure inks are mainly solvent-based inks, and alcohol-soluble plastic gravure inks with low solvent residues are gradually being promoted. The ink is just beginning to be put into use. Plastic film gravure water-based ink is an environmentally friendly liquid ink mad

Ink drying principle and printing drying skills

The most frequently asked question from the printing industry sales staff, technical service representatives and sheetfed printing staff is the drying of ink on coated and uncoated paper. To find the answers to these questions, you must understand the ink and the drying process of the ink when pri