Test method for selecting cosmetics

We choose cosmetics to be picky, not because of the harshness of cosmetics, but because we are responsible for our own skin. Therefore, when choosing cosmetics or dealing with counter BA, we must have our own set of guidelines. Let's take a look at the test method of choosing cosmetics.

Is your sunscreen enough to prevent oil and sweat?

Is your sunscreen enough to prevent oil and sweat?

Test 1 Is your sunscreen resistant to oil and sweat? Test Purpose: Do you think it is safe enough to use waterproof and sweat-proof sunscreen in summer or on the beach?
Simple test method: Test the sweat and oil resistance with water droplets and oil droplets.
Tool: One drop of water, one drop of oil operation: Drop a drop of water and a drop of oil on the skin with sunscreen. If you have the best effect of the original shape of the water drop, the stronger the anti-sweat and oil resistance, if it is deformed or Spread out, indicating that the ability to prevent sweat and oil is generally or poor.
Test 2 Essence is good for the purpose of the test: spent a lot of silver essence, how much skin can absorb?
Easy test method: cotton pad test molecular penetration.
Tools: cotton pad Operation: The essence is dripped on a stack of paper or cotton pad to observe the penetration, the easier it is to penetrate downwards, indicating that the molecules are small and the penetrating power is easy to be absorbed by the skin. If it only spreads on the surface, it means that the penetration is poor and it is not well absorbed.
Test 3 Is your lotion mild enough? Test purpose: Test your lotion is not gentle enough, not irritating.
Simple test method: test its pH value (ph value).
Tools: acid-base test paper, not only measured the pH, even the ph value was measured.
Operation: Drop some lotion on the test paper. If the ph value is less than 7, the test paper is red and acidic; more than 7 and blue is alkaline. If it is measured close to ph7 neutral or close to the skin pH ph5.5, it means your lotion is mild and will not irritate the skin. But if you want your lotion to have astringent or exfoliating function, the ph value of 4--5 is ideal.
Test 4 Emulsion is good for absorption test purposes: emulsion or cream is good to absorb.
Easy test method: water test emulsion type. Simply put, it can be divided into two types: oil-in-water or water-in-oil. The oil-in-water type is easier to absorb and refreshed, while the water-in-oil type is not.
Tool: A glass of water Operation: Put the lotion or cream into the size of mung bean. Usually the oil-in-water type will float on the surface of the water, and it will slowly dissolve into milky white with a little stirring. Conversely, most water-in-oil emulsions or creams will sink below the surface and are not easily soluble in water.
Test 5 Is the skin care product too oily? Test purpose: Worried that your skin care products are too oily and easy to grow acne?
Simple test method: oil-absorbing paper method + light test method.
Method 1 Apply a little skin care product to the back of the hand. After 3 to 5 minutes, gently press on the oil-absorbing tissue. If you can still absorb a lot of oil, it means not good absorption, too oily. On the contrary, if there is no oil left, it means that the skin care products are easy to absorb and relatively refreshing.
Method 2 Similarly, apply a little care on the back of the hand. After 3 to 5 minutes, turn the hand under the light to observe. If you can see the oily light, it means it is more greasy and not good to absorb.
Test 6 Cleansing oil can really be cleaned? Test purpose: Cleansing oil can really be cleaned? Will it leave a residue on the face.
Easy test method: a glass of water test.
Operation: Drip a proper amount of cleansing oil into a glass of water and stir it to make the cleansing oil and water fully emulsified into white. If there are some transparent oils floating on the surface of the water, it means that the oil cannot be washed by emulsification.
If these oils contain acne-producing ingredients, it is recommended that you use a cleansing oil and then wash your face again.

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