Book printing quality inspection method

Books and magazines should meet the requirements of the manuscript and the decree printing first, and the contents of the printed pictures should not affect reading; secondly, the books and periodicals of different printing methods have different quality requirements.

First, embossing books and magazines

Pressure, ink. Cover, illustration ink uniform, correct hue. The same-color solid density standard deviation is less than 0.03 and the average density of the sample is calculated without density. The same-color standard color difference is less than the 4.00NBS average value of the color in the sample.

The pressure of the text print format is uniform and the ink is uniform. According to the word of Song No.5, the fine product density is 0.03, and the general product density is 0.05. In classical Chinese, the words of the same stroke or the same stroke shall prevail, and the word of density shall be the same. For other fonts, the allowable value of word-level density must also meet the relevant standards.

The book is clean and tidy, and the imprinting is clear and complete, the headline word is not used, the annotations are clearly written, the graphs are smooth, and the allowable error of frame line transfer is less than or equal to 0.05 mm. The number of fuzzy points in the print pen strokes shall not exceed two, and words 6 and 6 may not be misspelled. For the uniformity of printed writing, the fine product is required to be 15/16, the general crystal requirement is greater than 14/16, and for non-uniform webs, the word density should be between 0.20-0.40.

Second, binding quality

Bookbinding is the final process of printing books and is a very important process. The quality of binding is directly related to the quality and appearance of books and periodicals. The common book binding methods include wireless binding, cable binding and wire binding. According to different quality and appearance, they are divided into hardcover, paperback and saddle stitching.

1, folding

There are no folded pages, folded pages, double pages, set stickers, white pages, and folded corners. The book pagination and layout are correct. The center of the page number shall prevail. The error of the page position between two pages shall not exceed 4.0 mm. The page position error of the whole book shall not exceed 7.0 mm, and the error of the screen-joining errors shall not exceed 1.5 mm. The black signatures in the outer folds of the book stickers should be aligned in the center, and all the clasps should be exposed at the folds of the final fold of the book. Book stickers and scattered pages, the location of the adhesion of the chart to be accurate, in case of cross-section to stick to the head, not sticky, sticky, firm and smooth. The folded book should be kept neat, clean and flat. (Note: If there is no peritoneum in the folding process, but the paper is thick, it will be folded at the same time, and the paper will be thinner.)

2, with page

To be error-free, no strings, no stickers, no stickers, etc.

3, book block

Horseback booked books should be neat, staples should be nailed to creases evenly, and nails should be flattened. Booked in the nail saws, nails away from the book 1/4 length of the upper and lower names, the error is less than 3.0mm, after the book set no bad nails, missing nails, book flat and neat, clean, nails smooth, solid. The nail saws were nailed on the crease line and the book was skewed less than 2.0 mm. Adhesive binders are suitable for viscosity and use of plant adhesives is prohibited. The slash depth of the signature is 2.0mm-3.0mm, and the width of the kerf is 1.5-2.5mm. The adhesive can penetrate into the booklet to make it stick. The thickness of the book block after glueing should be basically the same, the back of the book is straight. The lock wire should be set with no broken thread and wireless loop phenomenon. After the book is locked, the needle position and the needle distance must meet the requirements of the booklet and the craftsmanship. The pinhole and line position must not be skewed, and the lock line should be loose and tight.

4, package

The title of book block and book cover are unified.

The adhesive used shall be based on the thickness of the paper and the book block of the cover to ensure the adhesion of the book block and the cover. The spine shall prevail, and the size should not exceed 7.0 mm. The cover and the book should be consistent and tightly wrapped. Unparalleled cover, up and down the error is not greater than 3.0mm. After the cover of the book is wrapped, the words must be correct, the frame lines must be straight, accurate, and the backs must be tight, and the upper and lower sides should be flush, no loose sets, and no wrinkles should be left behind.

5, finished product

(1) Minimum book publication

At least suitable for books and magazines not too thick, widely used for magazine binding.

a. The center of the book page is accurate, the frame is centered, and the pages are free from oil, dead folds, white pages, small pages, scraps, breaks, and folds.

b. The order of the book pagination and layout is correct. The line code of the linked signature is neat, the page position of the two pages of the unfolding surface should be symmetrical, the allowable error is less than 4.0 mm, the allowable error of the book core page position is less than 5 mm, etc. Version error should not exceed 1.5mm.

c. The nails are firm and flat, and the finished product skew skew error is not more than 1.5mm.

(2) paperback book

Paperback applications are the most widely used, and most books are in plain paper.

a. The cover and the book block are firmly affixed. The spine is straight, no vacuole, and no wrinkles.

b, viscosity error according to the previous standard.

c, the finished product skew skew tolerance is less than 1.5mm

d, the finished product cover contraction page, dew, dew white allowable error is less than or equal to 1.0mm

e. No serious knife cut after finished product cutting, no knife page, cover break no more than 2.0mm

f. The translation error of the spine is based on the centerline of the spine, the spine thickness is less than 10mm, the translation error of the spine is less than 1.0mm, the spine thickness is 10-20mm, and the translation error of the spine is less than 2.0mm; When the thickness is 20-30mm, the translation error of the spine is less than 2.5mm; when the thickness of the spine is greater than 30mm, the translation error of the spine is not greater than 3.0mm. The spine skew error is less than the translation error by 0.5 mm.

g. Finished trimming tolerance of the finished product is as required. The allowable error of trimming the edge of the trimming or capping to the spine is less than or equal to 1.0 mm.

h. The spine of the finished product is straight and the mechanical line does not exceed 1.0 mm. No sticky cover, no folds.

i. The appearance of the finished product is clean and free of dirt.

j. Publication of International Standard Books and Numbers on the cover of books and periodicals is required by regulations.

(3) hardcover book

Hardcover covers are durable, wear-resistant, and do not harm books for long periods of time. They are mainly used for books that require long-term preservation or long-term use, such as classics, dictionaries, and manuals. Many processes and slow production speeds.

a. The book cover and the book cover are flat and flat. When the flat cover is placed, the middle diameter cardboard and the book core ridge do not obey the view gap. The phase error of the width of the three sides of the book cover is plus or minus 1.0 mm.

b. The spine of the square back is straight, and the circular potential of the spiny spine is between 90-130. The spine is straight and its height is consistent with the surface of the shell.

c. The book slot looks straight, wide and narrow, and has the same depth and depth.

d, gauze, inner seal and the inner surface of the book shell adhesion firm, level, no vacuoles. Adhesive, used properly, evenly glued, no spill.

e. The book case ignoring the view warping, the spine ignores the view skew.

f, bookcase stamping, cover film according to the standard quality requirements.

g. The finished spine is centered and does not exceed the surface of the spine. The allowable error of the cover and spine and the cover pattern is less than 3.5%.

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