Furniture Exhibition Economy Becomes a Breakthrough in Light Industry Development

How do light industrial enterprises with small product relevance and high market segmentation requirements expand the market? The exhibitions that show the best products in a short period of time are increasingly favored by the industry. The chairman of the China National Light Industry Council, Buzheng, said on the 26th that the 2011 exhibition of young industry has increased by 15.6% compared with the previous year. The "exhibition economy" has become the "breakthrough" for the development of the light industry.

Light industry is the main body of China's consumer goods industry. Due to the small degree of product relevance, large dependence on foreign trade, and high market segmentation requirements, the use of various market means and methods to develop sales channels is one of the important factors to promote the development of light industry. “The exhibition can show the best products in the shortest time, which is an important platform to open up the market and promote trade.” Buzheng said.

In addition to the comprehensive exhibitions such as the Canton Fair, professional exhibitions are increasingly attracting the attention of consumers and manufacturers, and the role of the industry is gradually emerging. According to data from the China National Light Industry Association, in 2011, the light industry industry exhibition increased by 15.6% over the previous year, and the total exhibition area increased by nearly 16% over the previous year.
Taking the furniture industry as an example, the annual furniture exhibition has developed from a simple import and export trade platform to a comprehensive exhibition of domestic and foreign sales, e-commerce platform, original design display, etc., exhibiting more than 3,000 companies and becoming the world's largest exhibition. One of the furniture exhibitions.

The data shows that the industrial sales value of the furniture industry in January-December 2011 increased by 25.61% year-on-year, which was largely driven by the exhibition. According to Buzheng, at present, there are 10 exhibitions in China's light industry that reach the top three exhibitions of the same type in the world, and two exhibitions that have reached the scale of the same type of exhibitions in the world. Step Zhengfa said that in the future, the light industry will seize the breakthrough of “exhibition economy”, further expand and enhance brand influence, open up markets and sales channels, promote technology exchange and innovation, and promote the healthy development of light industry.

At the China Light Industry Top Ten Brands and Outstanding Characteristic Exhibition Commendation Conference held on the 26th, China International Furniture Exhibition and other ten exhibitions won the "China Light Industry Top Ten Brand Exhibition", and China International Home Furnishing Expo and other seven exhibitions were awarded "China" Excellent exhibition of light industry."

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