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We have all experienced bad skin days, but when you see the dazzling actresses on the red carpet, it is hard to believe that skin problems are always the troubles of these actresses.

In fact, HilarySwank, SelmaHayek, KatyPerry, MeganSwank, Cameron Diaz (Hillary Swank, Selma Hayek, Katy Perry, Megan Fox (click to watch Megan Fox's film "The Dictator" Trailer The film ") and Cameron Diaz) are just a few of the big names that have to courageously face the flash of no (click to watch the film-free work "Love beyond national borders").

Fortunately, the cosmetics company is aware of the need for makeup, and constantly introduces products that have both concealing effects and fade spots, fine lines, etc., but you should always make up your makeup to ensure that it is impeccable when it is struck by flash. Here's how to create perfect skin.

Cleansing cleanser

Purchase a cleansing brush with a acne-removing brush and cleansing cleanser.

Recommended Products

Pro-XBYOlay Professional Equation Cleansing Cleansing Instrument RMB260

Not only can you help you to remove more oil and keratin, but also help your skin prepare, improve the absorption of ingredients in subsequent skin care products, and promote the penetration of active ingredients.

Liquid sunscreen

Stop using liquid sunscreen instead of mineral-rich powder.

Recommended Products

Petrov PTR Mineral Sunscreen Powder SPF30RMB290/9g

A portable mineral powder that provides instant sun protection. It can be applied anytime, anywhere, without waiting, and immediately resists UVA/UVB damage. Provides instant sun protection to the skin while absorbing excess oil from the skin to create a matte finish. It can be used after makeup. Pure physical sunscreen is extremely mild; it does not contain talc.

Concealer product

Look for cosmetics with dual effects to use - but be cautious. The focus is on keeping your skin healthy and clean, and avoid over-concealing concealer products in problem areas.

Recommended Products

OriginsAPerfectWorld White Silver Needle Isolation Sunscreen SPF30+/PA+++RMB330/40ml

Before the skin comes into contact with the stress source, it will be fully protected to create a healthy paradise for the skin! In the OzoneChamber test conducted by the research team, the researchers simulated the ozone levels of the world's top three most polluted cities: Los Angeles, Mexico City and Beijing. The test found that the product has significant ozone neutralization capacity. In just three hours, the ozone damage in the ozone tank is reduced by 76%, and the skin is like wearing a comprehensive protective "golden bell".

Anti-acne effect primer

Use a mild anti-acne primer to apply makeup before applying makeup.

Recommended Products

Shiseido Scheming Moisturizing Makeup Milk RMB280/30ml

The beauty-like makeup before the milk, like a double-sided magnet, tightly adheres to the skin while allowing the foundation to fit. Deep moisturizing, no heavy feeling. Light and translucent, it feels smooth and smooth, creating a subtle moisturizing look. It modifies the pores and the uneven surface of the skin to create a three-dimensional moisturizing skin.

Use a foundation that reduces red blood

Use a foundation that reduces redness.

Recommended Products

Dior Dior Cream Long Lasting Liquid Foundation RMB550/30ml

A new generation of long-lasting makeup foundation, the texture is delicate and soft, and the skin is instantly melted, instantly creating flawless skin, and the skin color is refreshed all day.

Dior Dior Cream Long Lasting Powder RMB560/10g

An exceptionally smooth, powdery texture for an unprecedented skincare effect. A creamy, skin-like effect that creates a velvety silky look that leaves the skin pleasing throughout the day.

Skin has flaws

If your skin is flawed, use a clean makeup brush to apply a concealer gently from the problem area.

Recommended Products

CPB flawless concealer RMB550/5g

Quickly cover freckles, dark circles, sputum and other troubles. The makeup is naturally hydrated and is a perfect concealer with a noodle effect.

Finally, use a compact powder to shape. Perfectly clear nude makeup to create success.


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