The choice of the overall bedroom in the summer season is crucial

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] is generally considered to be the off-season of decoration design in summer. This is because the room temperature rises and the humidity increases in summer, and the release of harmful gases in various decoration materials and furniture will increase. In the summer, it entered the peak period of decoration pollution. But this does not mean that the summer can not be renovated, just to be more cautious in the selection of the main furniture such as the overall wardrobe , choose a trustworthy environmental brand, and minimize the pollution source.


Be wary: home improvement pollution enters the summer peak

Formaldehyde is the main pollutant in newly renovated homes. This colorless and irritating gas is very harmful to the human body. If the formaldehyde content in the air exceeds the standard, it will cause dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and red spots on the skin. Living in such an environment for a long time is more likely to cause various chronic diseases, leukemia, and even It is cancer.

Studies have shown that temperature is one of the main factors affecting the release of formaldehyde. Every summer, the rate of emission of pollutants in the decoration materials will increase with the increase of temperature, and the complaint rate of decoration pollution exceeding the standard will increase significantly. Formaldehyde release is quite different in different seasons of the year. In winter, the formaldehyde over-standard rate is 20%, the formaldehyde over-standard rate is 36% in spring, the formaldehyde over-standard rate is 70% in autumn, and the formaldehyde over-standard rate is 84% ​​in summer.

Insiders pointed out that the hot summer is the most rampant season for decoration pollution. Studies have shown that for every 1 degree Celsius increase in room temperature, formaldehyde volatilized in wooden furniture, flooring, etc. will increase the concentration of formaldehyde in indoor air by 0.15-0.37 times. That is to say, in the same room, when the temperature is above 30 degrees Celsius in summer, the indoor pollution level may be 3 to 7 times higher than that in the winter below 10 degrees Celsius. If the custom-made bedroom furniture does not meet the formaldehyde content, it will be easily released in the summer, which will seriously endanger the health of the family.

Inquiry: Where does home improvement pollution come from?

Where does the home improvement pollution come from? Experts point out that improper selection of decorative design materials and incorrect decoration design concepts are the main causes of home decoration pollution. For example, various wood-based panels use chemical materials such as adhesives, hardeners, and water repellents during processing, which release substances that are harmful to the human body - free formaldehyde; secondly, some paints used to treat furniture surfaces and adhesives used in processing. The agent also contains formaldehyde and benzene; in addition, for the sake of aesthetics, some panel furniture is also decorated with electroplated metal fittings or glass, which also contains harmful substances such as cyanide and lead. Therefore, do not blindly save money when purchasing home improvement materials, but should put health and environmental protection in the first place. Otherwise, these volatile harmful gases will seriously threaten the health of the occupants.

So, what kind of furniture can be called environmentally friendly furniture? Mr. Wang Juntai, the president of Guante Noble Bedroom Health System, put forward three views on the environmental protection furniture purchasing standards: First, the release of harmful gases from furniture, it mainly depends on The environmental protection level of the board and the environmental protection of the paint are used. In the aspect of panel furniture, the European E0 standard is the highest environmental protection level, and the economical condition can choose natural and elegant solid wood furniture. The second is to reduce the volume, and reduce the volume and materials of the product, reduce the energy consumption during the manufacture and use of the product, and avoid unnecessary functions. The third is to reuse the product, which is easy to repair, can be reused or reused, and can be partially replaced. Custom furniture has unparalleled superiority in this respect, and the people-oriented concept has been sublimated in custom furniture.

Tips: How to choose a high quality overall wardrobe

As the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom, whether the overall wardrobe is healthy or environmentally friendly is essential for an eco-bedroom. So how to buy it? The Crown Bedroom Health System will help you.

1. The primary assessment standard is the environmental protection of the board: the core used by Guante is specially produced by Guante Group, and the formaldehyde content is low, reaching the European E0 environmental protection standard (the content is less than 0.3mg/ml). In addition, each year through the country's most authoritative quality testing institute to draw all the indicators and performance of the product, but also the industry's first to launch the highest environmental protection grade - E0 environmentally friendly sheet metal wardrobe manufacturers.

2, pay attention to glue and edge banding: Do not ignore, glue is an important source of decoration pollution. All the products of Guante's products are made of non-toxic and odorless environmentally-friendly solid glue. The glue is made of German Mo Li and Italian starch formula. It is melted at high temperature and imported by professional machine. It is pressed to ensure its environmental friendliness, and it is extremely viscous and never falls off.

3, pay attention to safety, stability, humanity: If environmental protection is a necessary condition for high-quality wardrobes, then safety, stability, and humanity are the necessary and sufficient conditions for high-quality wardrobes. The realization of these is supported by patented technology and strong capital. The sliding door track has always been insecure and unstable. In 2008, the new up and down hidden track developed by Guan Te broke through the limitations of this industry and can prevent its jumping and derailing.

In addition, in the board material, whether it is the whole board or the louver board, the crown special products all use thicker type plate - -12MM thick, compared with other brands using 9MM thick board, the product is stronger and stronger, not easy to be deformed.

4, the overall matching is the embodiment of high-quality wardrobe: high-end overall wardrobe brand products can reach the same color of the cabinet, frame, wood, and with the same color lines with strong concave and convex, so that the overall appearance of the product looks more harmonious and unified More beautiful. Guante's hidden sliding door has no aluminum alloy track exposed, and avoids the disadvantages of aluminum alloy and plate color mismatch. In short, technological innovation is the guarantee of the leading industry in high-quality wardrobes and the core competitiveness of its products.

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