SB B degradable film

Plastic products have been widely used in industry, agriculture, and daily life for many years. They have played a tremendous role in promoting the production and development of industry and agriculture. They have brought convenience to people's lives and have become almost indispensable neces

Bonding Mechanism - Bonding Theory

1, mechanical theory The mechanical theory believes that the adhesive must penetrate into the gap on the surface of the adherend and remove the air adsorbed on the interface to produce the adhesive effect. Mechanical tacking is an important factor in bonding porous adherends such as foam. Adhesive

Printing prepress image screening problems

A: Because the printing process determines that the printing can only use the dots to reproduce the continuous leveling of the original, as shown in Figure 1-2. If you zoom in on this image, you will find that it is composed of countless dots of different sizes. We see that dot size is different,

New alcoholic beverage packaging

Pocket Shot announced that it has begun selling new unique disposable alcoholic beverages in soft standing bags in California. Pocket Shot is an innovative new concept that can provide consumers with the convenience of “get away and go”. The packaging of alcoholic beverages is also ve

China's ink import and export market analysis

With the sustained and stable development of China's national economy and the rapid progress of China's printing industry, China's ink and related industries have entered a new period of development opportunities. At present, China has more than 300 professional ink production companie

Web printing and post-processing solutions

In order to better serve the market, large-scale printing factories should have a variety of production capabilities, so that they can respond flexibly to the different needs of customers and maintain their competitive position. Therefore, today's rotary printing technology should be able to p

Green packaging and design

With the development of economy and the improvement of people's consumption level, the packaging industry has formed a complete industrial system and is moving forward at an alarming rate. In 2000, the output value of China's packaging industry has increased to more than 220 billion yuan.

On Modern Commodity Packaging

Packaging is one of the most important links in the production and marketing of modern commodities. The pros and cons of packaging are directly related to the value of commodities in the market circulation. The initial packaging of goods is mainly for the convenience of customers. With the develop