Various screen printing and its application (2)

Screen printing of glass Glass screen printing is the use of screen printing plates, the use of glass glaze, decorative printing on glass products. Glass glaze is also called glass ink and glass printing material. It is a paste-like printing material that is mixed and stirred by coloring material

How to get a good impression of gold

The metal is characterized by its bright color and bright colors. Therefore, in some packaging prints, cover the part of the pattern printed in gold, can be more beautiful and gorgeous. The quality standard for printing gold is bright color, strong metal feeling, smooth and smooth graphics, no dis

Alcohol-soluble high temperature ink formulation

The main purpose and advantages: 170 degree heat-resistant seal, anti-adhesion, odorless. First, nitrocellulose formula technology: formula 1/4 second nitrocellulose 30 Ethyl acetate 30 Butyl acetate 30 Butanone 10 Technology Ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, and butanone were thrown into the

Hot Stamping Jiaozi - Hot Stamping + Bump

With the progress of society, the development of the times, and the improvement of aesthetics, people are demanding more and more for printing products. In order to beautify the packaging, not only should the color of the printing be smooth and colorful, but also a more advanced metallic luster sh

New and diverse bronzing technology improves print quality

People require print packaging to be more upscale, exquisite, environmentally friendly and personalized to meet this demand. It is the finishing of the printed matter, which improves the grade of the printed product through the decoration and decoration. The post-press processing of printed materi

Pre-printed ink hue and precautions

The deployment of ink hue is an important job before printing, and it is also a very abstract job. Simple color materials, three primary colors, yellow, magenta, and blue can be assigned red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, purple and other dozens of colors. In the actual deployment process, th