Waterborne coating

â—† Introduction Waterborne Varnish (English called the water baseD VARNISH, also known as DISPEERSED VARNISH), it can be assigned to the printed paper products, packaging products not only beautiful color picture, but also has a magnificent surface luster In addition to its role in advertisi

Canned packaging products printing design

Composition design plays a pivotal role in modern sales packaging design. It is an important part of the whole packaging visual design process, and it is also the basis for the elements of the packaging screen. The visual design elements of a package include many aspects, including trademarks, pr

Packaging Design Visual Communication

The so-called packaging not only has the function of serving as a product protection god, but also has an active sales promotion function. With the fierce market competition in recent years, more people are trying their best to make it play the latter role. Japanese scholar Yi Chuozhuo once put fo

Ink Balance Control Operational Essentials

In offset printing production, poor ink balance control can produce a series of printing failures. Among them, the amount of water in the printing plate has caused the following hazards. (1) The printed ink is dull and dull, the saturation is decreased, and the color is light. (2) The ink is ove

Mesh adjustment fabric printing screen production note

1. Frame: The most ideal net frame is made of aluminum alloy material, which is refined, smooth, and not warped. 2, screen: Polyester mesh is better because of its stable strength. The mesh should be thick and fine, if it is too thin, the tension is poor, and the tension is not tight; if it is

Screen Printing Spot Color Inks (Part 2)

Water-based flexographic ink formulation design elements First, water-based flexographic ink concept Water-based inks are formed by mixing physical and chemical processes of aqueous polymer resins and emulsions, organic pigments, solvents (mainly water) and related auxiliary agents. Water-based

Get out of the misunderstanding of thermal CTP awareness

At present, there are two main types of CTP technology: thermal and photo-sensitive. The debate over the future of thermal CTP and purple laser CTP has not stopped. An article published in the American Printer magazine last year pointed out that many people currently regard thermal as an expensiv

Interdisciplinary Research on Packaging (I)

【Abstract】According to the basic theories and methods of contemporary interdisciplinary research, this paper expounds two major issues concerning packaging that has met all the conditions of a discipline and that packaging disciplines already embody the characteristics of comprehensiv

901DK strong water emulsion sealing glue

Sealing gum, also known as rubber, plastic adhesive, paper, plastic, edge glue and so on. This product is made from high-quality thermoplastic strong body through scientific process. It has the characteristics of high bonding strength, fast initial viscosity, large initial tack, and long holding t

Printing gray balance adjustment

(A) the role of the black version Ideal color reproduction of the color, only need to Y, M, C tricolor ink overlay, you can combine thousands of colors and different brightness of the achromatic, which is the three primary color reproduction theory. However, the three-primary inks do not have the