Flexo printing materials and surface treatment technology

Flexographic printing on packaging films is still a very complicated issue. This is mainly due to the fact that there are too many types of packaging applications, films, processing technologies, and ink supply systems. This article will briefly introduce the application of several common packagin

Packaging concept and furniture packaging

â—† The difference between packaging and bale. (1) Packing a simple packing article. (2) Packin: Wraps the item further to give the product attribute that can be sold. â—† Different definitions of packaging in countries around the world. United States: Packaging is the use of appropr

Nova Corporation Launches High Performance Resin

Nova Chemical announced recently that the company has introduced a high-performance resin specifically designed for food packaging to the market. This resin meets the growing demand for packaging products in terms of preservation, health and convenience in the food packaging market. . According to

Chemture has developed a variety of new stabilizers

Great Lakes (Great Lakes) Chemical Company, the former parent company of American Chemture Company, developed three kinds of optimized auxiliary systems that can meet a wide range of special requirements for polymer stabilization. Anox FiberPlus is designed to stabilize fiber grade PP grades, imp

Breathing "film" keeps cutting products fresh

In more and more consumer markets, consumption of convenient, packaged fresh-cut fruits and vegetables is showing an upward trend. Because of the high fiber and low calorie content, these pre-cut products provide healthy choices for busy consumers. In some developed countries, there has even been

Water-based UV resin and ink

I. Product Overview: The film is transparent and soft, with fast photocuring speed, strong friction resistance, excellent adhesion to the surface of metal ʻaluminum` paper, non-toxic and odorless, environmental protection is not flammable, no volatile at room temperature, low construction visc