Ink system and printing new technology

Today, the packaging and printing industry is in a very harsh business environment. Intense market competition forces them to produce distinctive, compelling packaging products under faster and cheaper turnaround times. Environmental regulations and customer requirements The packaging and printing

Increased scan quality of black and white prints

Faced with a pile of black and white prints of poor quality but desperately scanned, especially those printed on old newspapers and periodicals, either the paper is yellowed or the paper is too thin and the ink permeability is too great, resulting in the front and back of the paper. Infiltrating e

Domestic green food packaging

At present, the development of domestic food packaging in a green and non-polluting direction is a major trend. The following describes several green packaging materials that are currently urgently needed by the food industry. We hope to provide domestic packaging manufacturers with new food packa

Mooncake packaging in the Mid-Autumn Festival

Editor's note: “Whenever there is a bright moon, the wine asks blue sky.” In a flash, Midsummer is approaching again. This year's Mid-Autumn Festival coincided with the day when the "eleventh" was celebrated nationwide. Such a good day is truly rare! As a traditional C

Omega alcohol wine alcohol is amazing

Omega Alcoholic Winery, which is the agent and launched by Shang Shang Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., has the magical effect of further improving the taste of alcoholic beverages such as white wine, red wine, beer, and foreign wines, and has been recognized by more and more Chinese consumers. The