Flexographic Ink Formula Design Elements (2)

Third, volatilization, penetration, curing reaction or a combination of three dry film formation mechanism In general, the printing process and the corresponding drying method determine the ink formulation used. In order to meet the technical requirements of the flexographic printing and the char

Development of High-efficiency Ink Cleaner

Abstract At present, gasoline is still widely used as a solvent for cleaning inks in offset printing, which brings many negative effects. This article has conducted an experimental study of high-performance ink cleaners that can replace gasoline. Based on Griffin's theory of the HLB value of

Product Packaging from a Marketing Perspective

When the market becomes a competition center, sales have to rise to marketing; if you want to take the initiative in marketing, product packaging must be pioneering. When marketing diagnostics are performed for companies with good scientific and technological capabilities, it is often found that

Bright packaging in direct sales is achievement (below)

Float, hard to accomplish Many people feel that the direct sales industry is not practical, unstable, and insecure. The feeling of direct sellers is unrealistic, ambiguous, and unrealistic. Why direct sales and direct marketing industries give such impressions and opinions? What? There are severa

Dutch manufacturer launches convenience food heating box

Dutch manufacturer RPCBebo recently introduced two Re228 and Re171Comfort boxes for convenience food heating. These two boxes can be used to heat convenience foods in microwave ovens, improving the safety of consumers in heating convenient foods. At present, many manufacturers want to show more c

Summary of Green Plastic Flexible Packaging Technology (I)

In the new century, the world economic restructuring continues to deepen and the transformation of sustainable development strategies is the overall background of the world's industrial transformation, and it is also the background of the environmental changes in the plastic flexible packaging

Waste PET plastic beverage bottle recycling technology

China's current consumption of PET plastic beverage bottles is very high. The recycling of used PET beverage bottles can not only reduce environmental pollution but also turn waste into treasure. However, only a small part is used, and the rest are discarded at will, causing waste of resources

The feeling of packaging design

Packaging design, before this course did not begin, was full of content and breadth of its design. There is a deep feeling about this topic today. For packaging design, even for all design projects, the biggest target group is consumers. Therefore, whether or not a solution that can satisfy both c

The world's highest peak - Everest (Photos)

Mount Everest, 8844.43 meters above sea level, is the world's highest peak. It is located in the eastern section of the Sino-Nepalese border, the North Slope is in the territory of the People’s Republic of China’s Tibet Autonomous Region in Dingri, and the southern slope is in th