Detailed installation steps of Jiafeng shower room

What problems should be paid attention to when installing the shower room? With the improvement of people's economic level, more and more attention is paid to the quality of life. The shower room is favored by consumers because of its functions such as fitness, warmth, and heat and humidity isolation. Let's follow the editor to understand the precautions for shower room installation.

Jiafeng shower room

In the 1990s, CAML Plus Maple® set foot on this hot spot in China for the first time. Jia Feng brought the first shower room from Europe, brought a brand-new bathing culture to this ancient country, and changed the life of every Chinese. With nearly 20 years of steady development, Jiafeng has always insisted on quality first, incorporating the most advanced technology and the most fashionable design in Europe and America into shower room products suitable for the Chinese market, making every day shower an artistic experience.

Jiafeng shower room brand positioning

Since its establishment in 1995, Jiafeng has become a shower room manufacturing enterprise integrating independent R & D, production and sales. Design is the core competitiveness of Jiafeng. Jiafeng has a German design center, an Asian design center and many international top designers. The modern professional creative inspiration ensures that in addition to the appearance and functional design, Jiafeng products also take into account aesthetics, ergonomics and fluid mechanics, to meet the perfect space design, the overall matching of bathroom products, and the overall application of bathroom functions. Through every product, Jiafeng meets people's needs for personalized space and meets the fashion art needs of high-end sanitary products.

Kafeng shower room is strong

Jiafeng's long-term goal is to become a global enterprise with industry responsibility and value orientation. Jiafeng pays attention to environmental protection and achieves pollution-free production throughout the process; promotes water saving and promotes one of the most energy-efficient bathing methods; devotes to social welfare, participates in the Red Cross donation, subsidizes the difficult people, and contributes to the Jiafeng people during the Wenchuan earthquake and Yushu earthquake Part of the power.

Detailed installation steps of Jiafeng shower room

1. Prepare the necessary tools.

2. Install the bottom basin: Combine the bottom basin parts, adjust the level of the bottom basin to ensure that there is no water in the basin and the bottom of the basin. The hose can expand and contract with the distance, connecting the basin bottom to the floor drain firmly.

3. Test and protection: after installation, water test is required to ensure that the water is unobstructed. 4. Positioning and drilling: Use a pencil and a horizontal ruler to determine the drilling position of the aluminum material against the wall, and drill holes with an impact drill.

4. Install the aluminum material: knock in the rubber particles at the hole and lock the aluminum strip to the wall with screws.

5. Fixing the glass: Clamp the glass to the hole of the bottom basin and fix it with screws.

6. Install the jacking tube: find the corresponding hole above the fixed glass, install the (straight / oblique) fixing seat and connect the jacking tube. Fix it to the top of the glass with an elbow sleeve.

7. Installation device rack: install the installation rack in the calibrated position, tighten the shelf nut, fix the shelf glass, and keep it vertical and horizontal. Pay attention to waterproofing under the aluminum material that fixes the glass.

8. Install the movable door: install the hardware of the movable door, and install the hinge at the reserved hole of the fixed door. After installation, adjust the position of the axis of the lotus leaf until the door feels the best.

9. Waterproofing: Install suction strips or water-repellent adhesive strips on the sides or below the glass as required. Use silicon rubber to close the joint between the aluminum material and the wall, glass and bottom basin.

10. Debugging and tightening: check whether each part is comfortable and smooth to use, and find any problems should be adjusted in time. After adjustment, tighten the corresponding screws to make the entire shower room more secure.

11. Finishing work: snap the decorative aluminum strip into the wall-attached aluminum material to ensure its clean appearance. Finally, wipe the entire shower room with a rag.

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