What type of natural gas stove is it expensive?

The stove has developed from the traditional firewood stove, kerosene stove, briquette stove, etc. to the current gas stove, making people's lives more convenient. Gas stoves are mainly divided into liquefied gas stoves, gas stoves, and natural gas stoves, that is, stoves that are directly heated by gas fuels such as liquefied petroleum gas, artificial gas, and natural gas. What types of natural gas stoves are there? Are natural gas gas stoves expensive? Take a look with the editor.

What type of natural gas stove

1 According to the number of burner heads (stove eyes), they can be divided into single-head (single-eye) gas stoves, double-head (double-eye) gas stoves, and multi-head (multi-eye) gas stoves. ;

2. According to the ignition and control methods, there are piezoelectric ceramic gas stoves, electric pulse electronic ignition gas stoves and gas stoves with flameout protection devices, etc .;

3. According to the combustion method, it can be divided into atmospheric gas stove and infrared gas stove, etc .;

4. According to the function, it can be divided into gas stove, roaster, oven, oven stove and rice pot, etc., its code is JZ (stove), JH (roaster), JKZ (oven stove), JF (rice pan ) Means, where J means home;

5. According to the shell material, there are all stainless steel gas stoves, enamel gas stoves and cast iron gas stoves (currently cast iron gas stoves have tended to be eliminated), tempered glass, ceramics, etc .;

6. According to the structure, it can be divided into desktop, floor-standing, embedded (mosaic) gas stove;

7. According to the baking method, there are direct, semi-direct and indirect gas stoves.

Is the price of natural gas gas stove expensive (for reference only)

Brand model price Vantage gas stove i10036B ï¿¥ 1190.00 yuan Fangtai gas stove FC21GE ï¿¥ 1780.00 yuan Boss gas stove JZ (Y / T / R) -9B13 ï¿¥ 1320.00 yuan Siemens gas stove ER74253MP ï¿¥ 1634.00 yuan Sakura gas stove SCG-6886S ï¿¥ 1850.00 Yuan Shuai Kang Gas stove QA-019-B2 ï¿¥ 726.00 Yuan German-Italian gas stove JZY (T / R) -2619 ï¿¥ 1914.00 Yuan US gas stove JZ12T.2-QL300B ï¿¥ 599.00 Yuan Fire King gas stove 2QT04M / B2 ï¿¥ 1198.00 Yuan Wanhe gas stove B9-L745ZW ï¿¥ 1098.00 yuan

Convenient summary: The above is the introduction of relevant information about the natural gas gas stove , I hope this article shared by the editor will be helpful to everyone. If you still do n’t understand something, you can leave a comment below, we will answer it as soon as possible.

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