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Opening the wooden door has the avant-garde design concept and a deep understanding of the wood decoration process, and is committed to creating a noble, elegant and comfortable living environment. Kaikai Wooden Door has now developed into one of the large-scale high-end wooden door manufacturers in this industry. Is it good to open wooden doors? The editor invites you to enjoy the effect picture of the product of opening the wooden door.

Effect picture of opening the wooden door Picture 1:

Editor's comment: The shape of this wood color wooden door is extremely simple, mainly to highlight the natural texture decoration of the wood grain. Such a wooden door is suitable for decoration in a rustic style and a simple Japanese style.

Effect picture of opening the wooden door Picture 2:

Editor's comment: The combination of this glass and wooden door is more modern, and the design is simple and versatile, suitable for multiple spaces.

Effect picture of opening the wooden door Picture 3:

Editorial comment: The frosted glass design in the middle of this wooden door and the vertical design of the edges are the biggest features, making the whole door quite modern and simple.

Effect picture of opening the wooden door Picture 4:

Editor's comment: This wooden door is just a simple curve engraving on the door panel, which releases the beautiful arc and the beauty of the curve, and also presents a three-dimensional sense.

Picture 5 of effect picture of opening a wooden door:

Editor's comment: This wooden door is of European style, which is more suitable for villa home decoration.

Picture 6 of the effect of opening the wooden door:

Editor's comment: This wooden door is designed as a checkered decorative pattern, simple but with a unique three-dimensional sense, so whether it is modern style decoration or European style decoration, it is very suitable.

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