Evaluation: Omega line stone series tiles experience high-grade stone texture

Established in 1998, Ouya Ceramics Co., Ltd. is a modern large-scale professional ceramic production enterprise, specializing in the production of ceramic polished tiles, porcelain tiles, antique tiles and other supporting products. One of the most complete enterprises. Omega's ceramic brand under Ouya, adhering to the Italian Renaissance design ideas, casting elegant and noble brand culture connotation, is loved by users at home and abroad.

Evaluation Brand: Omega Ceramics

The series: Line stone series OPK80215Z ceramic tile

Product Specifications: 800 × 800mm

Product weight: 8Kg

Product price: 288 / piece

Omega line stone series OPK80215Z tiles have clear and natural lines, retaining the noble and elegant characteristics of natural stone. Uniform color, crystal texture and brilliant luster. Without too much complicated decoration, it can create an atmosphere of luxurious space.

Omega line stone series ceramic tile display

(1) Specification measurement

Consumers must measure the size when choosing tiles. The standard size of Omega line stone series OPK80215Z tiles is 800 * 800mm, the diagonal length is 1130mm, and the thickness of the tiles is 11mm. The results obtained by the evaluation specialists are in accordance with the standards.

Tile specification inspection

It should be noted that if the error of the ceramic tile is large, the size error is greater than 0.5 mm, and the flatness is greater than 0.1 mm, it will not only increase the difficulty of construction, but also affect the effect after decoration. The thickness of the Omega line stone series OPK80215Z tile is 11mm, which is consistent with the measurement results. When buying, consumers can choose 2 sheets to be stacked on the front to check the flatness.

(2) Hardness, wear resistance and compression test



Push down the standing tiles directly, the tiles are intact

Use the key to scratch the surface of the tile for dozens of times without scratches

Stepping on after hanging diagonally, the tiles are no different

Omega line stone series tiles have a hardness of 7 and we know that the hardness of diamonds is 10. In the selection of ceramic tiles, hardness is an important standard to identify the performance. Tap on the OPK80215Z ceramic tile of the line stone series, you can hear the sound crisp, it is a high density product. The crisper the sound, the higher the density of the tile texture and the better the hardness. On the contrary, the sound is dull and stagnant, and the quality is poor.

(3) Water absorption rate and stain resistance test

Pour a glass of water on the tiles, and the shape of water drops means that the tiles are dense and do not absorb water. Soy sauce, tea and other materials will not penetrate. This type of tile can be used as a wall tile or a floor tile, so it has a relatively high requirement on the stain resistance of the glaze of the tile. Testers' on-site test: write on the tile with a marker, and wipe gently with a rag after 5 minutes, and the decontamination is successful.

The poured water is in the form of drops of water, indicating that the surface of the tile has very little water absorption

Use a marker to write on the tiles, and after 5 minutes, wipe gently with a rag, and the decontamination is successful

Evaluation summary:

When buying ceramic tiles, the majority of netizens should pay attention to the comprehensive consideration of the specifications, hardness, pressure resistance, stain resistance, anti-skid, and wear resistance of the ceramic tiles, rather than focusing on price factors or product appearance. Choose carefully to make yourself more comfortable in the future home life.

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