Is the price of Anwar bathtub expensive?

More and more people choose to place a bathtub in the bathroom space. After returning from work early, Meimei takes a bath in it, so that the fatigue of the body is released. We buy the bathtub. We must look at the price first, so today Let's understand the price of Anhua bathtub .

Anwar bathtub brand introduction

Anhua inherits the pioneering and innovative spirit from North American bathroom fashion, focusing on manufacturing high-quality bathroom and supporting products, with the mission of improving the quality of people ’s bathroom life, committed to creating high-quality bathroom life in North America, providing freedom and freedom for the majority of users , Comfortable and healthy bathroom products with North American bathroom style. How about Anhua Sanitary Ware, users who have used it and are using it will submit a satisfactory answer.

Anhua has a design team composed of many designers. With its unique grasp of the development trend of sanitary products and the application of new technologies, it fully integrates the cultural heritage of North America in the product design, with the design concept of intelligent culture and technology of North American In order to highlight the needs of human nature, at the same time, combined with the latest research results of ergonomics, fluid mechanics and structural mechanics, we have developed a variety of fashionable and stylish bathroom products.

Anwar bathtub features

1. The imported acrylic sheet is heated and shaped at 170 ° C to 185 ° C. The total thickness is 8 mm. The surface hardness is equivalent to aluminum. It is harder than other plastics. The material is non-toxic, odorless and reliable.

2. The use of ergonomics, designed according to the human body curve, excellent comfort.

3. The surface is polished and refined many times to ensure that the bathtub is as bright as a mirror, bright in color, comfortable to touch, easy to clean and strong in self-cleaning. There is a non-slip design in the bathtub.

4. Through thickened blank plastic treatment and post-curing special process treatment, the material selection and precision work are perfectly combined, so that the Anwar acrylic bathtub has a smooth surface, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, anti-aging, anti-cracking, anti-deformation , Anti-impact and other advantages, the product is durable.

5. The best choice for your perfect SPA!

Anwar bathtub price

Anhuac anc158SQ bathtub surfing massage cylinder reference price: ï¿¥ 15821

Anwar five-piece bathtub ANW010Q reference price: ï¿¥ 9405

Anhua an020Q Skirt Ordinary Bath Reference Price: ï¿¥ 4470

Anhua anC019Q massage bathtub reference price: ï¿¥ 14010

Anhua anC141GQ four-person computer massage bathtub reference price: ï¿¥ 1359

The above is the relevant introduction to the price of Anwar bathtub . I hope it will be helpful for your purchase. More decoration information is available on this website, so stay tuned.

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