Learn why all parts of the acne teach you how to acne

Due to dietary problems, environmental problems, or work and rest problems, many parts of our body often have acne. Sometimes it is the forehead nose, sometimes the chin neck, and sometimes the chest and back. How to get acne becomes the answer that MMs most want to know. In fact, in order to get rid of acne, you must first understand the causes of acne in various parts , and the right medicine can help you easily acne!

Understand the causes of acne in various parts, teach you how to acne

1. acne area: chin, neck

The chin and neck acne, this means that your life is not very good, which causes the hormones to fluctuate throughout the cycle, causing excessive secretion of oil in the pores to block the pores and lead to acne. You can use a cleansing product containing salicylic acid to thoroughly clean your face.

2. Exfoliating parts: forehead, nose

If you have a very serious oil in the T area of ​​your face recently, start to burst beans on your forehead and nose. Most of it may be because your recent stress is too large, causing the body to secrete adrenaline to increase the secretion of skin oil and lead to pore blockage. Stress is inevitable, but worry is also useless, it is better to go to bed early and get up early. As the saying goes, men rely on eating, women rely on sleep. The other is the acne mask to be applied!

3. Place of acne: near the hairpin

When applying conditioner or applying hair styling products, do not touch the skin of the scalp and hairline attachments, and it is easy to clog the pores. After finishing the styling, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly. Also, when you wash your face, don't forget the corner of the hairline. If you have a bangs, always let your forehead come out and breathe.

4. Exfoliating parts: cheeks

For modern people who can't leave their mobile phones every day, it is best to wipe the screen of the mobile phone with antibacterial paper towels every day. Always use your hands-free liquid to clean your hands and control yourself not to touch your face or hold your chin. Because these bacteria are probably the cause of acne on both sides of your cheek .

5. Exfoliating parts: around the mouth

Remember to clean your mouth after eating something, especially the food residue that is not visible around the corners of your mouth. Especially fried foods, if left in the mouth, it is easy to clog the pores and make the acne around the lips.

6. Exfoliating parts: chest, back

When it is easy to sweat, such as exercise, it is best to wear clothes for sports-specific wicking materials. Wearing a cotton T-shirt or underwear, it is easy to make the skin and sweat fit for a long time, which is very suitable for the growth environment of bacteria, leading to acne outbreaks on the chest and back. In addition, many girls like to sleep naked, and the sheets must be changed frequently. The back is full of acne, it does not meet the temperament of a beautiful woman. >>>How to do chin acne five ways to help you acne

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