Three steps in winter detoxification to produce beautiful skin

Life stress, irregular diet, and the adhesion of various cosmetics on the skin, make our skin more and more dull, dark circles, and even some bad reactions, which means your face is not treasured. You need to detoxify your skin. This article introduces several of the latest beauty detoxification methods to solve your problems.

Facial detoxification

STEP1: Facial detoxification Because our pressure from all sides makes our skin dim, so we have to take the right medicine to remove the pressure and brighten the skin. Stressful poisons can prevent the skin from absorbing nutrients, making the skin look dry and rough. Massage and sleep can help you relieve stress and help the toxins find their exit.
Facial detoxification main strategy:
Massage - adhere to the daily detoxification massage, must master the "deep and slow" principle, daily massage oil on the face and neck for three minutes, do not dry up.
Rejuvenation - This is for women who often make up, because people who wear makeup often have thick horniness, so you can use a household dermabrasion to slowly grind it in the bath to help the skin easily change.
Master a little trick to wash your face: wash your face alternately with hot and cold water. This can accelerate microcirculation and stimulate lymphatic drainage. Usually you can also make a detox mask, stir the aloe vera, protein and cucumber to the paste, once a week.
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STEP2: The most serious eyesight detoxification computer family is dark circles. We need eye detoxification to save the computer family dark circles. The computer family keeps a close eye on the computer screen and lacks exercise to easily suffer from vascular dark circles, a problem caused by poor blood circulation leading to blood stagnating the fundus. Some people with allergic rhinitis may also block the blood flow rate due to nasal inflammation, which causes the eye to be dull.
Eye detoxification main strategy Hot compress - the effect of hot compress is very good, it is recommended to apply a hot towel around 42 ° every day for 10-15 minutes, then rub the eye cream containing vitamin K to promote circulation, a little massage.
Pulsed light - illuminates the eye area with pulsed light, causing the varicose veins to agglutinate and contract, without trauma, but it is recommended to do it with the whole face rejuvenation, and it is more natural after recovery.
To wipe the eye cream, you must master certain techniques. Before rubbing the eye cream, first apply a warm eye cream to your fingertips. After the upper and lower eyelids are evenly pushed open, cover your eyes with your palm for 30 seconds, and finally press the eyelids to gently press the eyelids to promote the points. absorb.
STEP3: The main cause of problems in skin detoxification and climate change, so we need to adjust the climate type small rough skin. When cold air takes away moisture from the surface of the skin, the skin immediately becomes rough, resulting in reduced resistance, easy itching and sensitive phenomena. Bathing in hot water will exacerbate water loss and dry skin.
Body detoxification main strategy Scrubs - you can choose to come to the final matte regularly, scrub every three or five days, especially the elbows, knees, heels, the water temperature should not exceed 38 °C when bathing, bath products should choose moisturizing type.
Moisturizing - Moisturizing is necessary. After bathing, the horny layer is moist. When the skin is soft, apply moisturizing lotion to double the moisturizing effect.
Be careful when these problems occur: If the skin is itchy and red, you can massage the body with pure olive oil after applying the body lotion, and then apply heat for 2 minutes with a towel to soothe the sensitivity.

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