2012 Chengdu Household Consumer Safety Survey Report: Look at the brand's heavy service and brave rights

With the growing size and output value of the home market, household consumption has become an important consumer area of ​​society. However, due to the characteristics of the “big market, small industry” in the home industry and the weak awareness of consumer rights protection, the issue of consumer safety has always been an important problem that plagues consumers.

Around this year's 3.15 theme - consumption and security, Sina Home Chengdu Station specially planned "2012 Chengdu Home Consumer Safety Series Survey", after the half-month online and offline survey, the latest "2012 Chengdu home consumption security The investigation report was finally released!

Among the more than 1,000 consumers who participated in the survey, 90% of home consumers said they had problems with safety, quality and service. According to the survey results, the problems encountered by consumers can be varied and the results are not the same. Among them, the decoration construction has become the most worrying issue in the consumption process, and the safety issues and after-sales service problems in the use of household products are also on the list.

It is worth mentioning here that the word “service” has occupied a pivotal position in modern household consumption behavior. In a recent market survey of Sina Home Chengdu Station, it was found that the quality of Chengdu's store service was not satisfactory. Personally, I believe that how to deal with after-sales service is a little bit of paper, and the pre-sales and first-seat services of the store are more real. Regardless of whether the market is good or bad, the terminal sales service cannot be relaxed.

In the process of purchasing home building materials, consumers also have different levels of worry - counterfeit products, introduction of guides and actual situation, quality of water, design flaws, etc. are also on the list. In the final analysis, these concerns stem from the trust in the brand. Therefore, for enterprises, how to increase their own brand building and ensure the brand reputation, thus forming a good market reputation, has become one of the important factors that influence consumers' choices.

In the course of use, environmental indicators have ranked steadily first. Sina home reporter learned in the survey that it is different from the past. Consumers are more rational about environmental protection. They pay attention to the problem of home decoration pollution, but they don’t “talk about formaldehyde change”. How to buy environmentally friendly products, how to When dealing with formaldehyde and other issues, everyone will do their homework.

In the process of decoration and construction, do not pay attention to whether the decoration construction personnel have the qualification certificate, do not ask the supervision unit to supervise after the decoration, do not sign the safety agreement with the decoration company, do not check whether the decoration company has the qualification certificate, etc. Ignore, which brings security risks. Here, Sina Home reminds the owners that they must not choose "guerrillas" or "bridgeheads" for the sake of cheapness, because they do not have any qualification certificates, nor do they have any qualification certificates issued by relevant units. It’s only regrettable.

Despite all kinds of worries and all kinds of cautions, most consumers will not choose to be swallowed after encountering the problem of household consumption. Finding the after-sales service part of the product has become the first choice of everyone, and then they take the initiative to pick up the complaint. "Weapons" such as exposure, rights protection, etc. to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

Faced with the above findings, Sina Home believes that the current consumers are more rational about home consumption, and then it is required to impose stricter requirements on product quality, more self-discipline in service, and more emphasis on brand management. Finally, Sina Home also reminds the owners who are renovating or preparing to decorate, and they are sure that the branded home improvement can be more secure in terms of products, services and installation.

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