Winning orange makeup makes you white 3 degrees

When spring comes, makeup should also have a spring look. Abandon the metallic color makeup of the winter and welcome the warm colors to welcome the spring. The popular pink makeup in the past was defeated by the strong orange makeup this season. I want to be fashionable this spring. You must not miss the orange color makeup.

Orange makeup creates a good spring

Orange makeup creates a good spring

This spring makes the orange petals bloom passionately on the eyes and cheeks. The orange color makeup is not only reflected in the lipstick this season, but now more and more brands have developed a variety of orange eye shadows, mango orange, orange orange, sunset orange, different saturation with such as gel, Eye shadows of different textures such as powder fog and pearl light make the fresh eye makeup more changeable.

One or five steps to create an orange eye makeup:

Dries Van Noten show orange eye makeup

DriesVanNoten show orange eye makeup

Eye makeup is the absolute focus of the entire makeup. At the just-concluded Fashion Week DriesVanNoten show, the makeup artist blended some rust color with matte orange eyeshadow, smudged and filled the entire eyes of the models to create a beautiful Hawaiian beach style, absolutely suitable for this spring day. .

5 steps to create an orange eye makeup

5 steps to create an orange eye makeup

If you feel that the show is too eye-catching and not suitable for everyday life, then now I will teach you an orange eye makeup that can be created on weekdays.

Step1, replace the traditional black eyeliner with brown eyeliner;

Step2, use the eye shadow brush to apply the most insured earth color eye shadow to the entire eye socket;

Step3, use the fingertips to take the orange eye shadow, apply it to the eyes and the end of the eye, the tail of the eye can be appropriately increased to create the focus and layering of the eye makeup;

Tips: Do you want to choose the orange eye shadow with pearls, otherwise it will make the eye makeup look like goldfish eyes.

Step4, use the fingertips to take a silver eye shadow, gently hit the center of the upper eyelid to create a high-light effect;

Step5, apply mascara.

Bobby Brown Star Yarn Color Series

Bobby Brown Star Yarn Color Series

Orange eye shadow single product recommendation:

Bobby Brown / BobbiBrown Star Yarn Color Series Reference Price: 480 yuan

The Bobby Brown Star Yarn Color Series is hand-made in Italy, with five luxurious color strips in the same color and a dazzling pearl powder pigment factor. These outstanding qualities make the Stars and Colors discs a bohemian star product. Use a uniform brush to gently pick up the color palette, mix five color blocks, gently sweep across the cheeks or forehead, or use a professional eye shadow brush to sweep the eyes for a bright glow.