Recycling waste paper resources to raise people's awareness of environmental protection

The paper products consumed in China have reached 9.173 million tons. Paper products will be discarded after use, and will become garbage and pollute the environment. According to the current waste disposal methods, a small part will be used for incineration, which will cause waste of resources; Landfilling not only consumes a limited amount of land resources, but also causes serious secondary pollution.

According to statistics, compared with one ton of wood and paper, one ton of waste paper can save approximately 3.5 cubic meters of wood and 600 kWh of electricity. Although in recent years, the domestic recycling of waste paper has developed rapidly, but in more developed regions, China has not reached the world level, and the low recovery rate has caused a waste of resources. In order to meet the needs of domestic papermaking companies, China also has to spend huge sums of foreign exchange each year to import large amounts of waste paper from abroad. Therefore, it is very urgent to further increase the recycling and utilization of waste paper resources, establish a more effective and consistent national waste paper recycling system, and promote the development of circular economy.

In view of this situation, a set of uniform and effective waste paper separation, recycling and utilization standards should be established as soon as possible to promote and popularize in the industry. In addition, a set of systematic and standardized waste paper recycling and utilization systems should be established. The government, recycling packaging plants and large paper mills participate in and promote this work: the government gives relevant policy support and guidance, and standardizes industry management; the recycling and packaging plants and large-scale paper mills jointly set up the recycling and recycling main bodies, regardless of market prices. It can ensure that the waste paper resources are stably recovered and used, and avoid the waste of resources.

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