Decoration Feng Shui taboo to change bad health

The bedroom should be kept ventilated and well lit. Whether the bathroom door is facing the bed, because the bathroom is a place for people to excrete, it is easy to produce suffocating gas and moisture, so the door will affect the air in the bedroom, and the health of the person. harmful.

From the inside of the bedroom to the outside of the door, it can be seen that the front side of the door cannot have a corner and a separate column, which is easy to cause diseases of the trachea and esophagus. If there is no way to move the corners and columns, the best way is to change the position of the door.

The kitchen stove is directly opposite, it is best not to have furniture such as lockers, because it will put some small bottles and cans, metaphor for a family often taking medicine. The cabinet is designed too high and it is easy to have diseases above the abdomen. If the cabinet is designed too low, it is prone to symptoms below the abdomen, especially acne. If the stove and the refrigerator face to face, it is easy to produce guilt, and remove the cabinet or refrigerator directly opposite the stove to solve the problem effectively.

No matter which space, there is no beam on the bed, the seat and the top of the sofa. Long-term activities under the beam can easily affect health. The beam can't move, the light beam just solves the visual obstacle, and the problem is still no way to solve it, so the best way is to move the bed and chair position.

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