Furniture environmental protection true and false is difficult to identify the certification of a variety of

A few days ago, Xiaobian received feedback from readers: The furniture on the market claimed to be environmentally friendly, and the signs of “green environmental protection” were also varied. This made consumers doubtful and afraid to buy.

家具环保真假难辨 标志认证五花八门

Furniture environmental protection true and false is difficult to identify the certification of a variety of

"Green" into a hoe

After the house was renovated, it was a common practice for many citizens to stay in the air for a while and then stay. In order to make the house less polluted, when buying furniture, everyone wants to buy green furniture.

The author visited several furniture markets in the city. In a small facade selling sliding doors, the salesperson said: "You can rest assured that all the materials we have here are qualified and green." But he even has a list of ingredients. Can not provide, but can not get proof of green environmental testing.

In another furniture store, two different brands of mattresses claimed to have green signs. The logo of a family is copied on white paper, covered with plastic film, and the certification unit on the seal is very vague; the environmental certification of the other mattress is attached to the manual, sealed in the package of the mattress, and cannot be purchased without the mattress. See the certificate.

Furniture environmental protection true and false is difficult to identify the certification of a variety of

“Our furniture is absolutely green, but the certificate is in other branches. I don’t have it here.” When the author asked the sales staff for the green certificate, the sales staff of the two stores shoved for the same reason.

Environmental labels are varied

Even if the furniture is labeled with eco-labels, or the business can provide a green certificate, but the label shape and style are varied, and the certification body is dazzling.

In the interview, several brands of furniture were labeled with “excellent environmental products” and “green” labels. Some labels are round, some are made into the shape of a leaf, and some are square. According to the sales staff, these products are qualified by the relevant departments and also show the certification information. However, the author found that the certification bodies are different, including China International Green Environmental Management Committee, China Light and Light Product Quality Assurance Center, and China Green Environmental Protection Development Center.

An industry insider revealed that these certification bodies have official and non-governmental organizations. Even some small business certification marks are rooted in homemade or paid for.

Please see the product quality test report

The author then learned from the industry and commerce department that it is difficult to distinguish the authenticity of these signs and certifications. If the quality problems are found after purchasing the products, they can complain to the industry and commerce department. In the process of purchasing, you can consult the product certification body and ask if the product belongs to the certified product.

It is understood that at present, in the aspect of environmental product certification, the "China Environmental Label" certification and the "Green Product" quality certification are official certification marks with official nature.

The 12315 Command Center of Yichang City reminds consumers to check the “Product Quality Test Report” of furniture when choosing furniture. In the test report, the material of the furniture, the formaldehyde content, etc. will be clearly marked. Consumers should pay more attention to and compare the specific data, rather than being confused by the surface signs and certification.

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