A must-have maintenance code for a confident woman's skin

It is said that the man 30 has a flower. In fact, when the woman reaches the age of 30, she officially stepped into the prime time of the mature woman's charm. So what kind of nutrition does the 30-year-old skin need? Is it flexible? Is it hydrated? The answer is today's editorial for your 30+ skin care code.

30+ skin diagnosis

30+ skin diagnosis

In the prime time when women exude unique charm, 30 years old makes a woman elegant and makes a woman glamorous. For 30+ years old skin, the biggest problem is the slowing down of metabolism, the reduction of collagen, and the compromise of gloss, hydration and elasticity. As you come along, you will see that the 30-year-old woman's skin is dull, dull, and spotted, and when the skin is young, it is UV-induced and it ran out to harass the skin.

Therefore, for the aging 30+ years old skin, what is most needed at this time is hydrating, moisturizing and firming skin.

30+ skin best maintenance prescription

30+ skin best maintenance prescription

1. Anti-oxidant skin care products are a very sensible choice for 30-year-old aging skin. Anti-oxidant factors help the skin to do aerobic respiration. It is also a must-have skin care product to choose some skin firming products that have a therapeutic effect on dry fine lines.

2. If you think your chin is slack and inelastic, then products such as collagen help the chin to tighten the firmness of the skin.

3, adhere to the exfoliating scrub skin care once a week, or use skin care products containing fruit acid, because the fruit acid can play the role of exfoliation, so that the skin reproduces the luster.

4, in the diet should pay attention to vitamin supplements, foods containing vitamin A, vitamin C have a very good effect on the skin. Such as cabbage, cucumber, peanuts can help the skin's melanin production, play a role in inhibiting skin aging.

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