Consumers of leather furniture should not enter the wrong zone

When you mention the leather sofa, most consumers will think of a luxurious natural leather sofa with a soft, comfortable, and wear-resistant fur. However, there are many kinds of faces in the market, such as high-quality cowhide, natural leather, artificial leather, and semi-leather and half leather. For the common people, the leather sofa that is close to 10,000 yuan is definitely in the furniture. The "big things", so many kinds and sayings, can the ordinary people in the unclear really buy comfortably and use them with confidence?

According to industry insiders, due to the improvement of production technology, the previous artificial leather has been upgraded, called imitation leather. Because of the use of polyurethane non-woven synthetic leather to make imitation leather products, the appearance is very close to the leather products, and even reach the level of "chaos". Especially high imitation products, not only can be based on the appearance, feel, luster of all kinds of leather, imitation of the imitation leather, but also microporous film technology to produce artificial leather with pores, if you do not look at the back substrate of leather In the case of ordinary consumers who have no experience, it is difficult to infer whether it is leather or imitation leather. Generally speaking, the imitation leather is processed by applying chemical raw materials on the fabric. In terms of wear resistance and aging resistance, the imitation leather and the leather can not be compared. Salespeople often take advantage of the weaknesses of consumer expertise and deliberately confuse the concept of leather when selling. In the invoicing, the intentional leather is written as leather, which blinds consumers. Even if consumers complain to the management after purchasing, they can use the vague concept to escape punishment.

A furniture manufacturer from Shaanxi said that leather sofas made from animal skin also have many doorways. The leather that can be made at present is cowhide, pigskin, sheepskin, horseskin, suede and so on. Pig skin is rough, the pores are thick and obvious, and the finished leather feels somewhat stiff. The consumer can distinguish it with a little leather knowledge; the sheepskin is light and soft, but the strength is not as good as cowhide, and because the skin is small, the processed fabric often needs to be spliced, which affects the appearance; The skin texture of horseskin and suede is similar to that of cowhide, but the surface is slack. After the sofa is made, the surface skin layer is easy to peel off and the wear resistance is poor. The market reputation is better for the leather sofa, softness and flexibility. Superior, won the consumer's favorite. But cowhide can be subdivided into yellow cowhide, green cowhide, buffalo, calfskin, and the price is very different. Such a complicated classification, consumers do not rely on a little common sense or some of the identification knowledge learned in the online "doing homework" is not enough. As long as the sellers knowing the roots deliberately raise the quality of the leather or confuse the types, they can easily blind consumers and earn the difference of hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

The problem that Ms. Zhang encountered was very representative. She bought a set of leather sofas. After just over a year, she found that the surface of the sofa began to appear large-scale fading, and cracked in many places. Find the business, the other side is right and strong: "Absolutely use the cowhide, do not believe can be sent to the test, fake a lose ten." So the sofa was sent to the professional department, when seeing the identification results, Ms. Zhang stupid: this set The sofa does use cowhide, but it is a so-called "transfer film cowhide" with poor quality. Experts explained that “transfer film cowhide” uses a process called “kraft covering film”, which is called “two-layer skin” in the industry. It is processed by “head layer skin”, which feels good and breathable. Strong, the cost of a sofa is more than 3,000 yuan; the "two-layer leather" is separated by slicing, the surface is polished and then sprayed hot or hot pressed, the quality is naturally inferior, the cost of materials for each set of sofa It costs about $1,350. The problem is that in the existing industry regulations, there is no specific provision for the grade of the surface skin quality in leather furniture, and there is no mandatory requirement that the material grade must be identified. It is precisely because of such a "blind zone" that some unscrupulous merchants can take advantage of it. Some of the samples placed in the mall were made from the top layer of leather, and when delivered home, they were replaced by "two layers of skin".

Zhu Changling, vice chairman of the China Furniture Association, pointed out that the "human contact part" refers to which part of the country has standards. At present, the leather sofas on the market are mainly leather sofas and leather sofas (semi-skin sofas). . The soft furniture sofa has provisions for the sofa materials. The national light industry standard (QB/T1952.1-99) stipulates that the whole leather sofa refers to the sofa covered with natural animal leather except the bottom of the sofa seat; the main part The leather sofa refers to the sofa seat, the front of the backrest, the upper backrest and the inner side of the armrest and the upper side of the armrest are all covered with natural animal leather. He also said that because the cost of the whole leather sofa is extremely high, and the actual use is of little significance, unless the sofa is required to be fully skinned, most of the leather sofas currently on the market are leather sofas for the main parts. Although the difference between imitation leather and leather feel, coupled with the manufacturer's hands and feet, is intuitively difficult to distinguish, consumers can only rely on the introduction of the business to identify the leather sofa and the main part of the leather sofa.

Does the manufacturer provide a maintenance service when the consumer buys a leather sofa? A certain brand sofa dealer said: Provide free maintenance service once every three or three years, but need to make an appointment in advance, and need to pay a certain amount of material fee for maintenance. Most manufacturers said that they did not come to the door to maintain the service. When selling the sofa, they will give the sofa protective wax to the customer, and the customer can clean it up as needed. If the customer needs to go to the door, he can provide this service, but charge a certain amount according to the pollution of the sofa and the use of cleaning and maintenance materials. A salesperson told reporters that in fact, they (manufacturers) did not have special maintenance personnel. If the customer requested on-site maintenance, the manufacturer would temporarily look for the workers to deal with them, that is, they would wipe and wipe the wax, and the method and effect of their own maintenance were similar. There is no need to spend that money.

Judging from the current consumer complaints, most consumers did not ask the seller for the habit of introducing the manual and product materials before purchasing large-sized goods, especially those like furniture. When they found that the goods were wrong, they lacked strong complaints. The evidence is difficult to get back to justice, so asking for material description is the key evidence of rights protection. Second, consumers should ask the merchant to sign a contract when purchasing large items. When purchasing a leather sofa, the consumer can ask the seller to write the cowhide portion into the contract. If the seller is congested on the grounds that “the formal contract cannot be over-provisioned”, the consumer can ask the shopping guide to draw a plan of the sofa to mark the specific location and use it as a supplementary agreement. With the magic weapon of contract, if you find that the sofa is tricky in terms of leather use, you can ensure your legal rights and interests according to the relevant provisions of the Contract Law; the third is to pay attention to the name of the goods when writing the invoice. When buying a leather sofa, what the seller promises is what should be clearly written, and it should not be vaguely written into a leather sofa to prevent unscrupulous businessmen from taking the trouble.

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