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Salomon new dual-use shoes

Always chasing Salomon, who has a revolutionary new concept and explored the inherent performance limits of the product, has extensive experience in manufacturing outdoor cross-country and hiking shoes. This spring Salomon launched the new professional cross-country dual-purpose shoes SYNAPSE. The new SYNAPSE has a spring-like fresh color and style. At the same time, it has functions such as shock absorption, anti-slip, wear-resistance, and support. The low-cut design is more suitable for the current season. SYNAPSE new dual-use shoes, now on the market can buy packages, the price of 998 yuan. Although the price is not so common, it is definitely not to be missed for the faithful outdoor walking enthusiasts. (For more details, please click http://)

Salomon new professional cross-country dual-purpose shoes SYNAPSE (HD large picture click

SYNAPSE new dual-use shoes sole structure

In order to improve the comfort and stability of the shoe in the off-road, the new SYNASE dual-use shoes on the outsole using the CONTAGRIP OS layer without a trace, can be a good transfer of energy, while playing the role of power traction. It provides outdoor enthusiasts with the most innovative shoe soles and provides you with the best traction and wear resistance for hiking and cross-country driving. The material of the insole is selected from the mold EV, molded EVA and ORTHOLITE antibacterial shock absorber technology, while the midsole uses cast EVA and OS muscle layers. The ingenuity of the insole and the midsole, which reduces the supporting part, and adds EVA or other cushioning materials on it, provides a better and more comfortable sole for the feet, so that the foot feels more natural, and thus more not It will give you a clear sense of top bow, further stabilizing the shoe towards normal feet. SYNAPSE new dual-purpose shoe soles material selection and combination, provides superior shock absorption, sweat guide function for your feet to create a dry, dry and comfortable space.

Salomon's new dual-purpose shoes SYNAPSE's brightly colored soles (HD large picture click

Salomon new dual-purpose shoes SYNAPSE soles (HD large picture click

Salomon new dual-purpose shoes SYNAPSE back display (HD large picture click

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