Home consumption misunderstanding solid wood furniture is all solid wood furniture

The solid wood furniture declared by the merchant is not equal to the whole solid wood furniture. When consumers are shopping, they are noticed by the business. I learned from the Tanggu District Consumers Association that several consumers have recently reported to the Consumers Association because they did not purchase solid wood furniture.

It is understood that the common point of their complaints is that when the original purchase, the salesperson promised solid wood furniture, but after delivery, it was not all solid wood. After the consumer finds the merchant, the merchant does not admit that the original promise is solid wood furniture. These consumers complained to the consumer association, saying that the purchased physical object does not conform to the original promise and feels that the merchant is fraudulent. The coordination check found that the purchase contract (invoice) did not indicate what kind of furniture was purchased, but only the type and size of the purchased furniture, which was very unfavorable for consumer rights protection.

In response to the above situation, Tanggu Consumers Association reminds consumers to purchase solid wood furniture, try to go to the regular shopping mall to buy, to check the quality inspection report of the furniture, must purchase the purchase contract with the merchant, but also ask the operator In the contract (invoice) of the furniture sold, the material information is clearly indicated, such as “pure solid wood furniture” or “solid wood veneer furniture”, “comprehensive wood furniture”, “board wood combined furniture”, etc.; When ordering furniture, let the organizer affix the official seal in case of disputes.

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