Cold Stamping Technology Process

Cold stamping technology refers to the use of UV adhesive to transfer the stamping foil to the printing material. The cold stamping process can be further divided into dry film cold stamping and wet film cold stamping.

The dry film-covering cold stamping process is to cure the applied UV adhesive before the stamping. Ten years ago, when the cold stamping technology was just introduced, the dry film-covering cold stamping process was used. The main process steps are as follows.

(1) The cationic UV adhesive is printed on the roll printing material.

(2) Curing UV adhesives.

(3) Compress the cold foil with the printing material by means of a pressure roller.

(4) The excess hot stamping foil is peeled off from the printing material, and the desired hot stamping image is left only on the part coated with the adhesive.

It is worth noting that the use of dry film cold stamping process, the UV adhesive curing should be fast, but can not be completely cured, to ensure that it still has a certain viscosity after curing, so that it can be very hot stamping foil Bonding together well.

The wet film-covering cold stamping process is after the UV adhesive is applied, the first stamping and then the UV adhesive curing, the main process steps are as follows.

(1) Print free radical UV adhesive on web printing materials.

(2) Composite cold stamping foils on printing materials.

(3) Curing the radical-type UV adhesive, since the adhesive is sandwiched between the cold-stamped foil and the printing material, the UV light must pass through the hot-stamping foil to reach the adhesive layer.

(4) The hot stamp foil is peeled off from the printing material, and a stamping graphic is formed on the printing material.

It should be noted:

1. The wet film-covering cold stamping process replaces the traditional cationic UV adhesive with a free radical UV adhesive;

Second, UV adhesives have strong initial tack, and no stickiness after curing;

Third, the aluminum foil of the hot stamping foil should have a certain light transmittance to ensure that the UV light can pass through and trigger the UV adhesive curing reaction.

The wet film-covering cold stamping process can connect hot stamping metal foils or holographic foils on a printing press, and its application range is also becoming wider and wider. At present, many narrow-width paper boxes and label flexographic printing presses already have such cold hot stamping capability.

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