Evaluation: Fangtai HA2G.B / HA2G gas stove burns efficiently to create comfortable cooking

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Founded in 1996, Fangtai Group has been focusing on the field of high-end kitchen appliances for 18 years, insisting on the strategic positioning of "professional, high-end, and responsible" and striding towards the vision of becoming a respected world-class company. The company is continuously committed to providing leading-edge design and excellent quality high-end embedded kitchen appliances, integrated kitchen products, high-quality kitchen and household products, advocating healthy and environmentally friendly and tasteful lifestyles for people who pursue high-quality life Wan Family enjoys a happier home life and has become a leader in high-end kitchen appliances.

Fangtai has the industry's first national enterprise technology center and the world's largest and most advanced kitchen electrical laboratory, including two national laboratories. With nearly 500 national patents, including nearly 70 invention patents, the industry is far ahead. With top R & D strength, Fang Tai has led the formulation of national and international standards for range hoods, and has won the industry's most iF and reddot awards with outstanding industrial design strength.

Product Details

Product model: Fangtai HA2G.B / HA2G gas stove

Installation type: embedded

Applicable gas source: LPG / natural gas / artificial gas

Number of stove eyes: 2

Panel material: stainless steel panel

Heat flow left: 4.1kw

Heat flow right: 4.1kw

Hole size: 708 * 388-R80mm

Product size: 780 * 450 * 133mm

Series name: High efficiency direct injection series

Thermal efficiency: more than 60%

Evaluation items: appearance, performance, size, etc.

1. Shape

The Fangtai HA2G.B / HA2G gas stove has a stylish and elegant appearance. The integrated design and the silver-white body make the gas stove look high-quality.

A large amount of stainless steel is used on the surface, and a layer of non-stick oil coating is added on the outside of the stainless steel, which is smooth and comfortable to touch, and has the characteristics of anti-fingerprint and non-stick oil.

2. Technical evaluation

The main difference between this Fangtai HA2G.B gas stove and ordinary gas stove is its "efficient direct injection" combustion technology. The ordinary gas stove has insufficient firepower when it is fired, but it is too powerful when simmering in a small fire. This gas stove solves this problem.

The gas and air are mixed at one time without frequent adjustment of the damper, and the air pressure control is more stable; the collision jet technology makes the gas and oxygen more fully mixed, compared with the traditional gas stove "non-collision injection", the mixing efficiency is greatly improved.

By lengthening the ejector tube and the stabilized premixing tank, a large amount of gas can be stored, the fluctuation of the air pressure can be eliminated, the combustion is more stable, and the hidden dangers of flame separation and tempering caused by the unstable air pressure can be effectively solved.

3. Detailed evaluation

High-efficiency combustion. During the combustion process, through the design of the secondary air inlet of the heightened furnace head and the design of the polyoxygen fire cover, it is ensured that the secondary air intake is sufficient, the combustion is full, and the blue fire is lasting and balanced.

The size of the burner and the firing angle of 40 ° are upgraded to make the flame reach the bottom of the pot, so that the flame does not overflow and it has a lot of heat.

Both the inner and outer rings are equipped with flame stabilizing rings to fully solve the current situation of unstable firepower and easy adjustment.

Five combustion chambers are designed to ensure even gas injection.

The stiffness firepower is sprayed straight from the oversized fire hole, and is not affected by any air pressure and wind. Compared with "non-direct injection" burners, the firepower is strong and stable.

Fangtai's high-efficiency direct injection combustion technology has a thermal load of 4.1Kw, a thermal efficiency of more than 60%, and a CO emission of less than 300ppm.

Fangtai Efficient Direct Injection Combustion Technology has upgraded a number of safety measures, and has truly achieved the same appearance and confidence in use.

4. Anti-fouling evaluation

Oil-free and anti-fingerprint. The industry's first easy-to-clean stainless steel panel stove.

The liquid tray is seamlessly connected to the panel, making it easier to clean.

Through precise insight into the use time, the details from the burner head, panel, sealing corners, etc. are improved, which greatly improves the cleaning performance and brings a new and fresh experience.

Improve the experience from the pot stand, liquid tray, knob, etc., make the control more handy, intimate and practical.

Evaluation summary: This Fangtai HA2G.B / HA2G gas stove has a simple and atmospheric appearance. From the performance point of view, efficient combustion is its main feature. From the technical innovation, it brings a good cooking experience. An important condition for Chinese cooking, and this gas stove is the ultimate in this regard, both from the stability and efficiency of choice.

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