6 characteristics of low temperature coolant circulation pump

The low-temperature coolant circulation pump is a low-temperature liquid circulation equipment that adopts mechanical refrigeration. It has the function of providing low temperature liquid and low temperature water bath. Combined with rotary evaporator, vacuum freeze drying oven, circulating water vacuum pump, magnetic stirrer and other instruments, it can carry out multi-functional chemical reaction operation and drug storage at low temperature.

The low-temperature coolant circulation pump is especially suitable for chemical, biological, and physical laboratories that need to maintain low temperature and normal temperature conditions. Necessary equipment for laboratories and other laboratories (large-capacity cryogenic coolant circulation pumps can be customized according to user needs).

(1) The circulation system adopts anti-corrosion materials, which have the functions of anti-rust, anti-corrosion and reducing the pollution of warm liquid;

(2) It can be completed directly in the machine with an electric mixer;

(3) Digital display temperature display, microcomputer temperature control, simple operation and eye-catching;

(4) The original fully enclosed compressor units and circulating water pumps from famous international manufacturers have advanced performance and reliable quality;

(5) Special relays, protectors, capacitors and refrigeration components for refrigeration units are imported original high-quality devices;

(6) Experiments under the conditions of (-40)-(-60) ℃, the coolant can be delivered to the place where it is used, and there is a circulation pump.

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