Cabinet quality "wind" month also needs to strengthen multi-party collaboration

March is coming. For Chinese consumers, March not only means the arrival of spring, but also an important “3.15 Consumer Rights Protection Day”. Around the end of March, the “product quality wind” and “consumer rights protection wind” in the consumer market have become a practice, and all the cabinet companies are waiting to be formed. In the consumer market, an atmosphere of “grass and soldiers” is formed, which is quite quality. The meaning of the wind.

What will happen after 3.15?

However, the quality of the product has never been solved by a holiday. The same is true for the cabinet industry. At the time of 3.15, was the relevant cabinet products and services reliable? After 3.15, the quality of the products and services of the cabinets was Where do you go from here? These questions are worthy of the thoughts of the cabinet people in them.

Quality rectification problem needs long-term implementation

The production and sales of the cabinet industry are frequent, and consumers are very likely to buy the inferior cabinet products that are not in the right version, which will damage the physical and mental health. Therefore, the quality problems of the cabinets need to be solved. The quality problem of the cabinet industry must not be solved by a “quality month” rectification action, which is a process that requires all employees in the industry to implement for a long time.

The specification of the cabinet market requires the active participation of relevant state departments and the implementation of the implementation. This is not only responsible for the healthy development of the mind and body of consumers, but also plays a deterrent role and guiding role in the whole cabinet industry to ensure the cabinets. The industry is developing in the direction of benign health.

Must strengthen multi-party cooperation

March “Quality Month” is only a driving force for the resolution of cabinet quality issues, but it will not be solved overnight. In the cabinet market, relevant state departments, cabinet companies, cabinet dealers and consumers should all contribute to solving the problem of cabinet quality, standing on different positions, as long as they do their own role positioning. Then, the real spring of the Chinese cabinet industry is just around the corner.

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