How is the icon floor, the advantages and disadvantages of the icon floor

Nowadays, there are many brands of wooden flooring, among which Shengxiang flooring has a well-known reputation in the flooring industry, and it occupies an important share in the laminate flooring market in China, which is deeply loved and favored by the public. So, what about the iconic floor ? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the icon floor? We together look.

1. How about the iconic elephant floor-OK?

Shengxiang Flooring is a well-known brand in the Chinese flooring industry. It has many honors such as China Well-known Trademark, China Famous Brand, National Exemption Inspection, and China Environmental Label Certification. Shengxiang Flooring has 1.5 million mu of fast-growing forest base and world-class production R & D base, including 7 substrate factories with an annual capacity of 2 million cubic meters, 10 floor and accessory factories with an annual capacity of 52 million square meters, and an annual capacity of 700,000 Set of iconic wooden door factories and iconic wardrobe manufacturing base with an annual capacity of 20,000 sets.

The green industry chain strategy "three lows and one high", namely low energy consumption, low consumption, low emissions, and high standards, reflects the guiding strategic significance of green sustainable development; through the cooperation of internationalization strategies with foreign companies and brands, the rapid establishment of the holy The core competitiveness of the elephant has reached the domestic first-class and international advanced level in each field. In general, the elephant floor is pretty good.

The main material of the iconic flooring is to use natural or artificial quick-made wooden materials as the substrate, and process them into a series of manufacturing. Finally, after the high-temperature and high-pressure process, a floor with reliable quality and unique advantages is formed. This floor material still maintains the texture of natural materials. Their solidity and color are superior.

2. How about the iconic elephant floor-advantages

1. It inherits the elegant and natural solid wood floor, comfortable feet and good insulation performance, overcoming the shortage of solid wood floor due to monomer shrinkage, easy to warp cracks, has good dimensional stability, and is insect-proof. Does not support combustion. No warp deformation. From the perspective of protecting forest resources, it is a replacement product of solid wood flooring.

2. It has the advantages of easy installation and maintenance of reinforced composite floor, avoiding the disadvantages of high formaldehyde emission of reinforced composite floor and stiff feet. The high-grade solid wood composite floor adopts high-grade matt paint, which has high abrasion resistance and soft brightness. Generally, it is not waxed for maintenance in the court, and it does not need to be painted for several years. Solid wood composite floors mostly use adhesives with low formaldehyde emission, which is good for environmental protection.

3. The other advantage of solid wood composite floor is its high processing accuracy, surface layer, core layer and bottom layer. The technical requirements of each layer are higher than other wooden floors, so the structure is stable and the installation effect is good.

3. How about the iconic floor-shortcomings

The disadvantage of solid wood composite flooring is that the wear resistance is not as good as reinforced composite flooring; the price is relatively high; due to the high process requirements. The structure is complex, the quality difference is large, and the inherent quality is not easy to identify the so-called solid wood composite floor, that is, the plates of each layer are solid Unlike laminate flooring that uses MDF as the base material.

Summary: How about the iconic floor ? I believe everyone has more understanding of the icon floor after reading the above. I hope this article is helpful to everyone. If you want to know more related information, please continue to pay attention to the information on this website.

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