Living room furnishings Feng Shui home knowledge

The living room is a place for families to gather together. If it is properly arranged, the whole family can also benefit, especially the design of common residential units in China. The majority of the area is only 40 or 50 square meters. If there are detailed considerations before placing furnitu

Blown film performance characteristics

The inflation film is a tubular film that is extruded from a circular die of an extruder and is blown with compressed air. The performance of the film is between the flow film and the orientation film, and the film is blown. The performance is not only related to the type of resin, the relative mo

Evaluation: Korean small fresh Oric bedroom furniture

Page 1: Evaluation: Korean small fresh Oric bedroom furniture Page 2: Evaluation of Korean small fresh Oric bedroom furniture This bedroom product belongs to Korean furniture, and the simple and fresh appearance is more appealing to women. The whiteness of the subject and the carvings of roses an

How do home businesses develop e-commerce?

Once upon a time, home furnishing companies have suppressed their attitudes towards online sales. Nowadays, with the development of the Internet, home electronics companies have popularized large and medium-sized home furnishing enterprises, taking e-commerce platform to open stores, self-built onl

Old newspaper making oriental pearl

Old newspapers make Oriental Pearls Handmade materials: waste newspapers, paints, scissors, glue. Production method: roll the newspaper into a rod, then use the newspaper to make the ball, and paste it together. Natural CrystalNatural Crystal, Amethyst, Citrine,Rose Q