Common problems after solid wood floor paving and how to prevent it

The tile-like arching of the floor is usually in the form of a tile-like arching. There is two possibilities: first, the water content and the local urban equilibrium moisture content are not known before the floor covering, and the natural splicing method is blindly used, which is the floor. The main reason for arching. Part of the reason is that the surface humidity is too large. Before the moisture-proof treatment is done, the floor is over-absorbed to form a tile-like arch, so a gap of playing card size should be reserved during summer installation. The second is caused by improper use of consumers. It is generally concentrated on wiping the floor with a damp cloth that is not wrung out or the floor is accidentally flooded, causing excessive moisture absorption on the floor causing tile-like arching.

The shrinkage of the floor is more serious in the southern area. In addition to the air conditioning causing the air to be too dry and the floor shrinking, the floor shrinkage has a certain relationship with the product quality. You can immediately contact the manufacturer and ask the manufacturer to produce a quality analysis report. In the northern region, the shrinkage of each piece within 2.5 mm is a normal phenomenon, and the excess can be contacted by the manufacturer.

Cracking the floor Many woods will deform or crack under natural conditions or under dry conditions, and cracking the wood to make the floor affect its quality level. However, sometimes due to improper control of the drying process, it will cause internal cracks and form hidden defects, which will gradually be exposed during use. In general, the bottom environment humidity in contact with the floor will be slightly higher than the floor itself, so the floor moisture absorption expansion causes mutual extrusion, causing cracking. Some cracking is related to the wood fiber of the material itself, which is difficult to avoid. If a large number of floors are cracked in large areas, it may be related to the processing technology, and should be contacted by the manufacturer to solve the problem.

The peeling and cracking of the floor paint film is mostly caused by the dampness of the floor or the poor paintability of the material itself, but it is also unrelated to the quality of the paint and the construction process. If this happens, it can be communicated with the manufacturer.

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