Drick Carton Compression Tester Passes EU CE Certification

A few days ago, Drake's carton compression machine passed the rigorous testing of the three EU mechanical and electrical products of inspection agencies and successfully obtained the European CE certification. Follow-up products have arrived in Greece M -PACK S. A company.
Carton compression machine is one of the main products of Derek, and has been very popular in China, Southeast Asia, Africa, Australia, the Middle East, North and South America, etc. Due to the technical trade barriers of EU member states, the The product is quite strict. Now that the product has successfully passed the CE certification of the European Union , it indicates that the product can be unimpeded in all EU member states, and the huge European market is open to Derek.
The carton compression tester with ce certificate was commissioned and operated normally by M-PACK SA in Greece . The company Mr. D. Trivellas was very satisfied with the equipment from China .

The film is a non - stretch and non - directional thin film produced by the melt salivation.

There are two ways of single layer salivation and multi - layer co-salivation.Compared with blown film, it is characterized by high production speed and high yield.At the same time, because it is the follow-up process of flat extrusion film, such as printing, compound and so on are extremely convenient, thus widely used in food, medical supplies, textiles, flowers, daily necessities packaging.

Bicolor PE Film

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