Interpreting perfume traits from perfume bottles

The characteristics of the perfume are often very good with the color of the bottle, so it is quite reasonable to take the appearance. Therefore, first of all, from the color of the perfume bottle, we can roughly determine the perfume's character. It is especially important to see the first feeling of perfume. The general judgment criteria are as follows: Purple - cool, noble: like lavender, violet, hyacinth, iris, etc. are all purple, there is a kind of very clean temperament. It is also the most emperor. The average woman is very difficult to be compatible with purple, must have the elegant, light spirit.
Yellow - Gorgeous, luxuriant: Many yellow bottle perfumes have a slightly strong flavor, very gorgeous, can not be ignored, showing a sexy and mature style.
Blue - Quiet and modest: Blue is full of inner strength, and the fragrance is full of scent and scent.
Pink - 暧昧, sweet: Pink, soft pink is often used as a decorative color for sweet floral and fruity fragrances, rendering a delicate and lovely feeling. This type of perfume is usually a very small woman.
Red - glamorous, warm: strong red symbolic perfume A fierce emotion, full of temptation, the woman using it must have a charming style.
Green - fresh, fresh: This type of perfume is generally more delicate, adding some green, giving a refreshing, stylish feeling, neutral, so that the mood is simple and calm.
Black - Mystery, Enchantment: Often used in men's fragrances, it symbolizes strength and adventure, with a distinct personality.

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