OKI Needle Printer Needs a Strong "Heart"

In today's severe product homogenization, printer products must have superior core technologies in order to win the competition. The core technologies of needle punching are almost all concentrated on the print head. The quality of the printers varies greatly. In the pin printing market, the technical content of the print head is a key factor in user selection.

OKI needle printer print head

In fact, people in the industry know that the core technology of the dot matrix printer is the print head. The print head of the dot matrix printer is like the engine of a car. It can be said that the print head is the most precise and critical component of the printer hardware, and it is also the component with the highest technical content. The maximum cost of the dot matrix printer is also the damage of the print head broken needle. The quality of the print head directly affects the performance of the printer, and the use and maintenance costs of the later stage.

“You buy back one of the cheapest dot matrix printers, but you have to replace the print head during the process. From the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) point of view, it is obviously not as cost-effective as a printer with a high-quality print head because during the maintenance process In terms of manpower and time cost, it will sometimes affect daily work. Therefore, it is not just a matter of changing the print head.” This is why OKI has been working on print head technology. Lin Zhengmin said that the current OKI print head print head up to 400 million times, it is this quality assurance, OKI company and the user promised to replace the print head for three years.

A distinctive feature of the OKI Stitch Printer is the use of the highest hardness superhard alloy (commonly known as: ultra-steel) printhead. OKI has made meticulous research on the selection of production materials for printers. Its printing needles are made of super-hard alloy material, which is not easy to wear, corrosion-resistant, stable and durable, enhances the strength and hardness of the print head, and improves the compression resistance of the needles. Resistance and abrasion resistance.

At the same time, in order to ensure the clarity of printing, reduce the wear of ultra-steel needles, prolong the life of the print head, and improve the printing stability, OKI adopts the design of the spring energy storage method to effectively disperse the deformation energy, the impact time is short, and the intensity is moderate. Increase the buffer time, so a good protection of the print pin; spring energy storage type of impact force is a release force, which is like a bow archery, even if the arrow can not be perpendicular to the target, the arrow will not bend, for The needle is not easy to break. The spring energy-storage hitting method can not only improve the quality of printing, extend the life of the print pin, but also effectively reduce the noise of the printer during work.

We have reason to believe that OKI printers will not disappoint users' expectations with the support of ultra-steel print heads and spring energy storage technology.

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