The Phenomenon of Glass Bottle Marketing Broker

When we understand the market economy, we should link the mutual dependence between the market and the economy. At the beginning of the 90s, when the national ware industry exclaimed that the market was weak, Dalian Glassware Factory relied on international glassware marketing brokers and received enough Single. Realized the link between production and market, and got rid of the shadow of market weakness. It promoted the development of the enterprise. It can be seen that marketing brokers are very important as bridges linking companies and markets. In fact, these marketers are acquiring High-paying also bears relatively large risks. We can cultivate our own marketing talents, but we should not exclude professional marketing personnel as this can expand the company's marketing channels without increasing the burden on companies. In addition, from the perspective of modern marketing concepts, marketing is not only selling things, it also needs to do market research; market prediction; sales planning; guide consumption; product development and other work. It is good for these companies to have short-term benefits or long-term planning. We should accept this new thing with new ideas.

Another reason why we have analyzed the causes of the market failure is that the products are old, the updating speed is slow, and there is no creativity linked to the market. So can not attract the purchasing power of consumers. In fact, there are potential business opportunities in many areas, such as the Asian Games, the Olympic Games, various types of holidays, large-scale celebrations, the property market, flower markets, fish markets, and decoration markets. The key is to require some creative people who understand both art and business ideas to combine our crafts and design new products in a timely manner so as to attract consumer groups with different levels, different fields, and different interests. The enterprise must have a true concept of setting up the consumer as God, so that it can ideologically seek continuous innovative designs for satisfying the needs of consumers. I remember that in 1997, DARQUES of France had already designed a sample of new products in 2000. The company can also call the world’s top ware company. At that time, the annual output was 450,000 tons, which was equivalent to about 3 times of the output of China at that time. Without a good design creator, it is difficult to imagine that products can win the smooth sales of the market. Therefore, there is no strong new product support, and the marketing staff who have the ability to sell is also difficult to sell. We have been shouting to increase the technological content and artistic content of our products. In the past, companies were able to raise 2% of their profit each year for technology development. Some large utensil companies have a small number of designers. However, after entering the market economy, enterprises should pay more attention to product development. In this proposal may wish to also operate in a socialized way, relying on art school teachers and students social art talent solicitation for the design program for my use. It is also a shortcut to hydrolyze near thirst. Recently, Italy invited European and American glassware experts to join hands with artisans at the glass factory to create a series of monumental works and gain great benefits. In short, in order to meet the needs of the market economy, and for the sake of the survival of the company, we should pay attention to product development.

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