Teach you how to identify parallel inkjet printers

Wonderful 3D printer customers create their own products within the local area network printer sharing method "makes up" black and white color batch printer office literacy Those who ignore the printer marking parallel imports is in fact the goods smuggled through informal channels, compared with Is "licensed", because of escaping the high tariffs, parallel imports are generally cheaper than the goods through the formal channels to enter the market. As there is no formal channel, parallel imports certainly do not have licensed warranty service. For parallel inkjet printers, we can identify from the following aspects.

Ask price

At present, the cost performance of the entire domestic inkjet printer has become the same, and the prices of printers with similar performance are also similar. For example, the basic price of EPSON PHOTO-790 inkjet printer on the market is about 1,500 yuan, if some dealers want to sell it. 1000 yuan, that consumers should consider considering, after all, the original printer from the distributor to the downstream distributors have not so much profit. Remember that what people often say is "Nothing cheap," and that's right.

Look outside the box

The regular channels of inkjet printers are printed by Dachang. The process level is high, the color separation is accurate, and the writing is clear. However, parallel imports are printed on the genuine shipping containers. In this way, both colors and patterns appear blurred. Especially the black characters on white background and the white characters on black background, the color is red, and the difference with the positive goods is obvious. The Simplified Chinese logo is on the genuine printer's outer box. Production origin, domestic distributor, product model. The label on the outer box of parallel imports is in English or in traditional Chinese, without indicating the domestic agency.

In this way, consumers can be initially identified as genuine products on the outer packaging. For those people on the market who “recycle the outer box of licensed printers and then sell the parallel printers inside,” they need to be further verified by consumers. It is worth noting here. Yes, consumers should check carefully when opening the product box to see if there are any signs of dismantling.

See the stickers

If you can't see the obvious difference from the packaging, then you can really distinguish the authenticity from the label. Consumers can identify the authenticity by dialing 800 free inquiries based on the anti-counterfeit labels on the printer, and most of the authentic printers' anti-counterfeit labels are one-time use stickers and cannot be used by unscrupulous distributors for the second time. Consumers on the market saw "parallel imports" printers have no anti-counterfeiting labels.

Product inspection accessories

The genuine printer's internal packaging is more refined. The product will have a laser anti-counterfeit label on it. The back of the printer is printed with the product model, voltage, current, frequency, pass number, and some qualified certification labels.

Ink cartridge

Authentic printers are equipped with original ink cartridges, and parallel original ink cartridges are not present. In this case, the identification of internal and external ink cartridges is an effective means of verifying the authenticity of the printer. For example, Epson's original ink cartridges are mainly sold in English in the country, or in a mixture of Chinese and English. The printer repair network (http) reminds everyone that if there is a Japanese package, it is definitely a parallel product. Epson cartridges are generally light blue, and the edges of the text and graphics are blurred, which is especially true when comparing true and false ink. Really Epson cartridges must have anti-forgery laser tags, anti-forgery laser tags under the light can see EPSON and GENUINE words, but also affixed with the ESPON consumables product code on the ink cartridges, through the log on the manufacturer's website to query.

Manual and other

The regular customs printers are accompanied by simplified Chinese manuals. Its cover is a color print. The entire manual is relatively thick and the content is very detailed. The parallel use manual is generally a black-and-white cover. In English, the printing is poor, and it is only 20 pages. The printer setup is only described roughly. comprehensive.

Warranty Card

The Chinese Simplified Warranty Card on genuine goods indicates: product name, place of manufacture, date of manufacture, code, warranty regulations, maintenance point, etc. There is no warranty for parallel imports, so the internal warranty card is also shoddy, flawed, and more careful, it is not difficult to distinguish.

In fact, the identification of parallel printers can be summarized as follows: be careful, careful comparison, careful business, careful inspection, careful receipts.

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