Carrying plants to travel bicycle flower pots

“Traveling with plants” – this is the main purpose of this portable flower pot, which consists of elastic flower pots and telescopic belts that can be “clamped” on the bicycle pole. In this way, plants can not only be closer to nature, but also grow up, and can also dress up your car. Isn't it a good idea?

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Wire Binding Machine is the machine used in bookbinding nail paper, plastic,leather, or hot melt adhesive fixed. So the whole operation process can be roughly divided into punching, cutting tube, pipe, pressure riveting steps.According to the degree of automation and binding machine operationprocess can be divided into: the manual bookbinding machine, semiautomatic binding machine, electric pressure riveting (automatic),automatic binding machine, binding machine. Binding machine productsaccording to the type of binding, the market generally have hot melt typebinding machine, comb type rubber ring bookbinding machine, wire binding machine, binding machine, binding a multifunctional bindingmachine and so on.

Wire binding machine is generally divided into 2:1 (21 holes) and 3:1 (34 holes) two to 3:1 wire binding machine, binding effect is more delicate,suitable for text binding thin, suitable for Design Institute, GeneralPlanning Bureau or small and medium-sized printing center; type 2:1 is suitable for binding thick documents

Wire Binding Machine

Spiral Binding Machine, Double Wire Binding Machine, Double Wire Forming Machine

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